KidCents Grants FAQs

What are the focus areas for Rite Aid Foundation KidCents grants?

The Rite Aid Foundation makes KidCents grants to nonprofit organizations that serve children in need and improve the quality of life in Rite Aid communities. The primary areas of focus are Healthy Eating and Active Living, Education, and Safe Environment.

  Health Eating and Active Living: Supporting innovative programs that promote healthy children by providing nutrition education and/or physical fitness activities in out-of-school settings.

  Education: Supporting programs that improve the academic outcomes of youth in out-of-school settings.

  Safe Environment: Supporting programs that promote a safe environment for youth in out-of-school settings.

Where does the Rite Aid Foundation focus its grant-making?

The Foundation’s grant-making is geographically focused in the communities of our headquarters, stores and distribution centers. Refer to the KidCents Grants page for more specific geographic restrictions.

When does the Rite Aid Foundation accept grant applications?

Applications are by invitation only. Refer to the KidCents Grants page for application timing.

Why are applications by invitation only?

To make sure those organizations that submit applications have a high chance of receiving consideration for funding we invite organizations that serve specific communities and that have expertise in our programmatic focus areas.

Should I mail additional materials to increase the chance of my organization being invited to apply?

No. A Rite Aid Foundation representative will contact your organization if information is needed.

How do I know if my organization is eligible to receive a Rite Aid Foundation grant?
  • Nonprofit, exempt from federal tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code;
  • Service area is a community in which Rite Aid has a business presence;
  • Charity has been in existence for at least one year and is in good financial standing.
What is not funded through the Rite Aid Foundation grants program?
  • Individuals (requests that benefit one individual or family only);
  • Individuals participating in cause-related events (walks, runs, etc.);
  • Political causes, candidates, campaigns or organizations;
  • Athletic sponsorships (athletes, teams or sporting events);
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes;
  • Programs that send products or people for relief efforts outside the United States;
  • Organizations that discriminate due to age, race, creed, gender, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity or national origin;
  • Capital or endowment campaigns;
  • Advocacy or research;
  • Contests or pageants;
  • National ceremonies, memorials, conferences, fundraising dinners or similar events; and
  • Higher-education scholarships.
Funding Categories

The Rite Aid Foundation KidCents grants are made to eligible nonprofits operating in Rite Aid service areas. Children’s Health & Wellbeing is our primary area of focus. Organizations seeking funding should have a specific focus on promoting healthy children by providing nutrition education and/or physical fitness activities, academic success programming, or a safe environment in out-of-school settings.

Program Priorities

Priority will be given to those requests which serve communities in need.       

United Way

Because Rite Aid contributes to many local United Way campaigns across the nation, local United Ways are not eligible to apply for additional support from The Rite Aid Foundation.

Children’s Hospitals

Due to Rite Aid’s longstanding partnership with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, independent children’s hospitals are ineligible for support from The Rite Aid Foundation.

Local Donations

Non­profit community organizations requesting auction items, merchandise, gift cards, and small community grants should e-mail to be connected with the local donations coordinator serving your area.