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Automated Courtesy Refills

Stop stressing about your prescriptions: let us refill them automatically before they run out

We know just how chaotic your life can get. Looking for a way to shorten your “to do” list? Refill your prescriptions at Rite Aid and sign up for our Automated Courtesy Refill Program. Qualifying prescriptions will be automatically refilled a few days before they run out. And we’ll even send you a notification that your medication is ready to be picked up. When your last prescribed refill is coming up, we can also work with your physician to help get it renewed.

Enrollment in the Automated Courtesy Refill Program is free and easy and most prescriptions qualify.* Talk to your pharmacist for more information and to sign up for the program in-store today.

You can also sign up for this service online through your My Pharmacy account.

Don’t have a My Pharmacy account yet?  Click here to get started.

* Prescriptions are ineligible for the Rite Aid Automated Courtesy Refill Program if 1) purchased through mail-order; 2) fail to meet permissible refill parameters; 3) are paid for by any of the following programs: Medicare Part B, Worker's Compensation, Georgia Medicaid, Massachusetts Medicaid, New York Medicaid and West Virginia Medicaid and; or 4) are a controlled or regulated medication that requires a new prescription for every fill.