Your Immunization History

Keeping up with your immunization history is difficult but we’ve made it easy for you by creating a portal that automatically records immunizations you received at Rite Aid and allows you to add any vaccinations you received at non-Rite Aid locations such as your provider’s office. Now, all of your immunizations are in one place.

If you are a current Rite Aid pharmacy customer and have a My Pharmacy online account log in below to view and manage your immunization history.

Are you a Rite Aid pharmacy customer but don’t have a My Pharmacy account? It’s easy and free to sign up. Begin the registration process below and follow the easy instructions.

If you are not yet a Rite Aid pharmacy customer, stop by and talk to your local Rite Aid pharmacist today.

Certain vaccinations may not be available in all locations. The availability of vaccines may depend upon state law. Age restrictions may vary by state. Please contact your Rite Aid Pharmacy to learn more.

If you have any questions about or would like to make any changes to your immunization history please see your local Rite Aid pharmacist.