Carex Dual Button Walker with 5" Wheels

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The Carex Dual Button Walker with 5" Wheels, #A84790, features ergonomic paddles for easy folding and unfolding one side at a time. Simply depress with your palm to fold and collapse. When the walker is opened, handles lock into place. Features 5” fixed wheels and walker glides with three points of contact for improved stability and longer wear. The height of the adult size adjusts from 31.75” to 37.75” in 1" increments. No assembly required.

Features & Benefits:

  • Adult height adjusts between 31.75" to 37.75" in 1 inch increments
  • Easily folds and unfolds with ergonomic buttons
  • 5" fixed wheels and glides
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More Information
Product Name Carex Dual Button Walker with 5" Wheels
Package Count 1
Extended Size 1 walker
Prop 65 No
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How to Determine Proper Height Adjustment: 1. Extended arm forward at 30 degree bend at elbow. Measure from handgrip to the floor to determine walker height. 2. Adjust leg pin positions to match required height adjustment. Tip Replacement: Walker tips wear down and must be replaced to maintain secure contact with the floor. Check periodically and replace if they appear to be worn. Weight Capacity: 300 lb. Walker User's Instructions: Before Each Use Make Sure: 1. Walker is adjusted to correct height. 2. Locking mechanisms and spring buttons are fully engage. 3. Tips are in good condition. Replace tips immediately when worn or missing. 4. Make sure the walker sits level and all legs are adjusted to an equal height. 5. Do not exceed the maximum weight capacity listed on your walker or use if user has any handicaps and/or disabilities or is on medication, etc. that doctor, therapist and/or seller would deem to interfere with safe use of product. Check the above before each use. Walker Proper Adjustment: When using adjustable walkers, ensure that all legs are adjusted to an equal height and that all spring buttons are properly engaged. 1. Adjust the walker so that when the arm is extended, the handle is at wrist height. 2. Depress spring button and slide leg up or down. 3. Engage spring button into hole that provides correct height. 4. Repeat for each leg, making sure walker is level. Proper Use: Use only as instructed by your healthcare provider. Keep wrists straight when using a walker. User should step up to the walker, not into it, reducing the possibility of balance loss. Do not rack the walker by pushing one side forward and then the other side without lifting the walker. Consult your healthcare professional to select the right walker and accessories for you and for specific use instruction based on your abilities and daily activities. Grip cleaning instructions: Clean the grips with a mild soap, detergent or household cleaner. Do not use an organic solvent (such as acetone, MEK, lacquer thinner, lighter fluid, dry cleaning fluid, gasoline or turpentine) that may dissolve the plastic and cause the grip to loosen.

Walker: Always use extreme care when using a walker. Avoid all potential safety hazards including slippery, uneven or soft surfaces and objects in path. The use of walkers in water (showers, bathtubs, pools, etc.) may result in damage to the walker and/or injuries to the user. Failure to follow these instructions may result in the user falling or other serious injury. Glide Caps: Glide Caps do not grip the floor; extra caution must be taken when using your walker. Avoid all potential safety hazards including slippery, uneven or soft surfaces and objects in path. Make sure your walker's tips are not ripped, worn or missing. If they appear to be damaged in any way, replace them before attaching the glide caps and using your walker. Failure to follow the above instructions may result in serious injury. Tips on this product contain dry natural rubber.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including , which is known to the State of California to cause . For more information go to