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Clinere Ear Cleaners, Earwax Remover - 10 ct

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Item No. 0380024

Clinere ear cleaners are an innovative product used to remove excess ear wax and debris. Unlike other ear cleaning products, Clinere ear cleaners actually remove ear wax and debris rather than pushing it deeper into the ear.

  • DON'T SWAB. CLINERE For Cleaner, Happier Ears. Ear Cleaners that really work. A quick Affordable solution for both earwax buildup and ear itch. The safest, most effective tool available
  • WAX IN OR WAX OUT Cotton swabs just push earwax and debris farther into the ear canal whereas Clinere helps remove earwax and debris with a flexible scoop and fin without clogging the ear
  • EAR BOOGERS. Alaskan Gold rush. Ear potatoes. Whatever you call it, use the Clinere ear tips to spoon out earwax, not push it in. Add them to your daily routine for cleaner ears
  • These are made in the USA. Ear tips can be reused after thoroughly cleaning them. Make sure to stop at the indicated stop-line in the directions provided. Perfect for anyone that suffer from excess earwax
  • Contains 10 Clinere Ear Cleaners
More Information
Product Name Clinere Ear Cleaners, Earwax Remover - 10 ct
PLENTI Ineligibility No
Package Count 10
Container Type box
Disclaimer Warning: do not enter the ear canal beyond the indicated stop-line illustration on back of product packaging. Use Carefully! People with sensitive ears should use caution! As with all common cotton swabs, observe the following: If a present ear condition
Country of Manufacture United States
Prop 65 No
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You're reviewing:Clinere Ear Cleaners, Earwax Remover - 10 ct

Directions For cleaning the entrance area to the ear canal and the outer ear DO NOT ENTER THE EAR CANAL BEYOND THE INDICATED STOP LINE IN THE ILLUSTRATION ON BACK OF PRODUCT PACKAGING. When using Clinere Ear Cleaners, use them LIGHTLY & SOFTLY as possible until familiar with their use Use the spoon end to gently scoop earwax or ear debris from the entrance area to the ear canal and the outer surfaces of the ear

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