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Photo of GoodNites Underwear, Bedtime, Size 8-14/L-XL (60-125+ lb), Jumbo, 11 pair

GoodNites Underwear, Bedtime, Size 8-14/L-XL (60-125+ lb), Jumbo, 11 pair


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Fits sizes 8-14. Outstanding pajama protection. Cool new graphics. Super absorbent. Comfortable fit. Soft, quiet materials. Clothing Sizes 8-14 (L-XL), weight 60-125 lb. Did you know? Bedwetting is common. 20% of 4 to 12-year olds wet the bed. GoodNites lighten the night. FSA: Flexible Spending Account eligible. Made in USA.
Height 5.45
Width 7.85
Depth 9.05
Unit Price $118.09 per 100 (on regular retail)
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Depth 9.05
Width 7.85
Height 5.45

Choking may result from anything children put into their mouths. To avoid risk of choking, do not allow your child to tear the underpant. Discard any torn or unsealed pant. Like most articles of clothing, disposable underpants burn if exposed to flames. Always keep your child away from any source of flame. To avoid suffocation, keep plastic bags away from children.