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BEAUTIFY YOUR WORKOUT ROUTINE take care of your skin while taking care of your body


Pre-Workout Beauty Essentials

Heading to a workout? Easily remove excess makeup with a quick swipe of micellar water. It's super portable and fits perfectly into your gym bag for a pre-workout wash. If you're heading outside, make sure to smooth on some oil-free sunscreen. If you're not ready to go totally makeup-free, try a light BB cream with SPF to even out skin tone and protect you from the sun while keeping pores clear.

Cleansing Your Face Before & After Workouts

Working out in a full face of makeup can cause clogged pores, so be sure to clean up before you begin your sweat sesh. Micellar water or makeup wipes are an easy way to cleanse before you get started. Afterwards, use a clarifying product to combat sweat and excess oil and follow up with a high-quality moisturizer to keep your post-gym glow.

Post-Workout Essentials

Your body feels amazing after your workout, but what about your skin? All of that sweat and oil could cause breakouts or even dryness, so make sure your gym bag is stocked with post-workout skin essentials. Start by cleansing your skin with an oil-free wash, and then use a swipe of toner to remove any lingering oil. A moisturizer or BB cream with SPF can help even out your skin tone so you're ready for whatever's next.

Beautifying Your Workout Routine

A busy schedule or skin insecurities might mean a full face of makeup even while you get your sweat on. To beautify your routine, think fresh-faced: spritz your makeup with a light facial mist to thin out heavy cosmetics and swap your usual mascara for a smudge-free waterproof formula. Go for a gloss instead of a lipstick and you'll be able to put your best face forward while you rock your body.

The Five Things You Should Always Carry in Your Workout Bag

Packing your gym bag? You might remember your shoes and headphones, but don't forget these products for a gorgeous post-workout glow.

Makeup Wipes

If the idea of working out in a full face of makeup has you sweating, bring a package of makeup remover wipes. They'll quickly dissolve oil, makeup, and dirt for a fresh-faced workout.

Facial Mist

A spritz of facial mist provides a light layer of moisture, perfect for a pre-workout glow. You can also use it afterward to cool your skin and prep it for makeup.

Dry Shampoo

Whether you're heading home or sneaking in a workout on your lunch break, dry shampoo absorbs excess oil to give you pre-workout hair in just a few sprays.

SPF Moisturizer

Sweat can dry out your skin, so always finish your workout with a swig of water and a light moisturizer with SPF to give your skin a double dose of moisture and protection.

Waterproof Mascara

There's nothing like a post-workout makeup touchup. Mascara is one of the fastest ways to brighten your eyes and finish your post-workout face, so keep a waterproof formula in your gym bag to take you from workout to work.

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What Happens To Your Skin When You Work Out

Working out is all about seeing the difference in your body. Your goal might be to gain muscle or lose weight, but your skin also enjoys some major benefits from exercise. Here are some of the ways a workout can be great for your skin.

Better Circulation

You might end your workout red-faced, but that's a good thing. Increased blood flow pumps much-needed oxygen to your skin for a glow that sticks with you all day.

Lower Stress and Improved Collagen

Want to keep a youthful look? Regular exercise helps lower your stress level and over time may increase your body's production of youth-preserving collagen for smooth, wrinkle-free skin.

Sweat it Out

Sweating keeps your body cool during a workout, but it can also help rid your pores of dirt and toxins. Just make sure to cleanse before your workout to prevent clogged pores. After your workout, cleanse again and apply a moisturizer.

Improved Lymphatic Function

Your lymphatic system helps rid your sinuses of toxins, and sluggish lymph nodes could result in puffy skin and eyes. Exercise can increase circulation to help keep them flushed out and working smoothly.

Clear Skin

Acne symptoms might be aggravated by stress. Reducing anxiety through a sweat sesh may help to keep your skin clear.


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