Workplace Flu Shot Program

Protect your employees from the flu with a flu shot from Rite Aid

Protect Your Workforce

Flu in the workplace costs U.S. businesses approximately $10.4 billion each season, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Source: 2.8.14

Was your business affected during flu season? Don't let it happen again.


Host an Onsite Flu Shot Clinic.

Rite Aid will bring the flu shots to you - at your workplace and at your convenience. And we'll work to fit your business schedule.

Now offering additional immunizations.

Immunizations against pneumonia, shingles and many other common diseases are also available. Ask a Rite Aid Pharmacist about these and other immunizations for your employees.

Or send your employees to us.

We'll provide you with Rite Aid flu shot vouchers - redeemable at any Rite Aid, anywhere. No appointment necessary!

Rite Aid cares about your business and your workforce.

Let us protect them both for the upcoming flu season with:

Professional Service:

• Immunizations administered by a fully trained, Rite Aid pharmacist.


• Direct insurance carrier billing (provided flu immunization is a covered service).
• Direct business billing — inclusive of ALL discounts.
• Flu shot vouchers are available for employees to use at any Rite Aid location.

Competitive Pricing:

• No extra setup or labor fees.
• Many discount options for direct bill accounts including:
    - Quantity Discounts
    - Referral Discounts
• All Rite Aid flu shot prices are extremely competitive within the marketplace.