wellness+ with Plenti FAQs

What is wellness+ with Plenti?

wellness+ with Plenti enhances Rite Aid's wellness+ program by partnering with Plenti to deliver even more value to our customers.

Through wellness+ with Plenti, our customers can use one card and earn two kinds of points.

  • Members will continue to earn wellness+ points toward various benefits at Rite Aid including discounts of up to 20% off storewide, exclusive sale prices and 24/7 access to a pharmacist.
  • Members will be able to earn Plenti points whenever they make qualifying purchases at Rite Aid and other Plenti partners. Plenti points can be used for up to two years at Rite Aid and at certain other Plenti partners.
What are Plenti points?

Plenti points are rewards earned and used with Plenti partners. Members of wellness+ with Plenti can earn Plenti points when they make eligible purchases at Rite Aid and other Plenti partners.

Plenti points give you even more ways to save since they can be used for savings at Rite Aid as well as certain other Plenti partners. Customers have at least two years to use them.

What is the difference between wellness+ points and Plenti points?

wellness+ points are points earned toward Bronze, Silver and Gold status discounts exclusively at Rite Aid. Members can earn one wellness+ point for one dollar spent on eligible front-end purchases and up to 25 wellness+ points for every eligible prescription.

Effective January 1, 2016, members with 0 - 499 points will be Bronze status and earn (1) 10% off one-time shopping pass with every 100 wellness+ points earned until they reach 499 points. With 500 wellness+ points, members earn Silver status and qualify for 10% off nearly the entire Rite Aid store for a year. And with 1,000 wellness+ points, members earn Gold status and qualify for 20% off nearly the entire Rite Aid store for a year.

Plenti points are an additional set of points that can be earned at Rite Aid and other Plenti partners including AT&T, Exxon, Mobil, Macy's, Nationwide, Direct Energy and Hulu. Members can then use those points for savings at certain Plenti partners.

What about my other wellness+ benefits?

In addition to exclusive members-only sale pricing and earning points toward savings of up to 20% storewide, wellness+ with Plenti members will enjoy the following wellness+ benefits:

  • 24/7 access to a Rite Aid Pharmacist,
  • Exclusive money-saving offers and information by email, and
  • The option to load coupons direct to card.
  • Members will continue to earn:
    • 1 wellness+ point for one dollar spent on eligible purchases they make at Rite Aid when they scan their new Plenti card at the register,
    • 25 wellness+ points for every non-government funded prescription purchased when using their Plenti card,
    • And 1 wellness+ point for every dollar spent on copays (not to exceed 25 points per prescription) for government-funded prescriptions.

wellness+ points will continue to reset at the end of each year, but all earned Silver and Gold status discounts remain active through the end of the next calendar year.

How can I sign up for wellness+ with Plenti?

Just ask a store associate next time you shop in one of our stores or visit riteaid.com/wellness to learn more and sign up today.

I received a Plenti card at a Rite Aid store. How do I link my Plenti card to my Rite Aid online account?

Go to our wellness+ with Plenti online registration page and enter your information. When asked if you already have a wellness+ or Plenti card, select “Yes” and enter your wellness+ or Plenti card number to link your account online. Don’t forget to finish signing up on Plenti.com to take full advantage of all the rewards that wellness+ with Plenti offers.

I signed up for a Plenti card at another Plenti partner (other than Rite Aid). How can I link Plenti to wellness+?

You can enjoy both the benefits of wellness+ and Plenti by linking your cards online.

How do I earn Plenti points at Rite Aid?

When you shop at Rite Aid as a Plenti member, you can earn points by purchasing specially marked Plenti-eligible products. Look for rotating product offers on things you buy everyday in store, on the Rite Aid circular, shelf tag, and online at RiteAid.com labeled with Plenti points.You can additionally boost your Plenti points balance with special weekly offers that can be accessed at Plenti.com. A Plenti.com log in is required.

How much are Plenti points worth?

For every 1,000 points members earn, they can look forward to at least $10 in savings at certain Plenti partners.

Is there a minimum number of Plenti points that members need to earn before they can use their points?

Members must have completed sign up for Plenti and have a minimum of 200 points to use their Plenti points toward savings at checkout.

When are earned Plenti points available for use?

Plenti points earned at Rite Aid are available for use toward savings after 6 a.m. the next day in the time zone where the transaction was made. For example, Plenti points earned at Rite Aid on Monday can be used at Macy’s on Tuesday after 6 a.m. Members must finish signing up with Plenti and have more than 200 points available to use Plenti points.

Do my Plenti points expire?

Plenti points expire on December 31 after the second full year of earning.

What is Load2Card?

Load2Card is our convenient coupon tool that lets you select coupons online, load them directly onto your Plenti card, and redeem them at your local Rite Aid store or online - all with the swipe of your Plenti card. Use Load2Card to redeem coupons using just your Plenti card-no printing needed!

Can I earn wellness+ points and Plenti points for purchases made online?

Yes, you can earn wellness+ points and Plenti points online at RiteAid.com.

Can I use my wellness+ or Plenti card to receive discounts on purchases made online?

Yes, you can use wellness+ with Plenti at Rite Aid Online Store to receive discounts for online purchases.

My wellness+ status and the amount of wellness+ points I've earned don't match up. Why does that happen?

The points you earn reset to zero at the beginning of every calendar year. But your wellness+ status (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) carries over to the next year.

That means if you reach Bronze, Silver, or Gold level this year, those discounts are good through the end of next year—even when your points reset back to zero.

How do I manage my wellness+ with Plenti communications?

To manage your communications from Rite Aid, log in to your wellness+ with Plenti account and go to Communication Preferences. Let us know what communications you want to receive, then save your preferences.

To manage communications that come from Plenti directly, visit Plenti.com.

How do I get a replacement card?

If you are an existing Plenti member and need to request a new card, please call Plenti customer service at 1-855-PLENTI1 (1-855-753-6841). Your lost/stolen card will be canceled upon the submission of the request for a new one and you will receive a new card in 7-10 business days.

While waiting for your new card to arrive, use the phone number you gave us as an alternate wellness+ with Plenti ID to keep earning points.

How can I stop receiving text messages from Rite Aid?

To stop receiving text messages from Rite Aid, please text STOP to RATEXT (728398).