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    Wheelchairs & Transport Chairs

    Transport Chairs

    The transport chair is a lightweight device used to transport a person when they are unable to walk. It is generally lighter and more compact than a wheelchair making it portable and easy to store. It requires a second person to push the chair as opposed to a wheelchair that is self-propelled by the user. The transport chair has four small wheels, whereas a wheelchair has large rear wheels that provide stability making it easier to push. The transport chair is ideal for occasional use or short trips.

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    • Determine how and where the transport chair will be used. If it will be used frequently and on rough terrain then a wheelchair might be a better option
    • Choose a transport chair that offers good balance and support. Padded armrests and adjustable footrests provide extra comfort and convenience
    • Consider the seat design and size, choose a chair that fits you best and is comfortable
    • Choose a chair that is lightweight, easy to move around and can be quickly folded for storage and transport

    Wheelchairs & Accessories

    A manual wheelchair is a chair fitted with wheels that is propelled by the user. It is used by those who have difficulty walking or cannot walk due to illness, injury or disability. It offers the user freedom to move unassisted and helps them become more mobile and independent. Handles on the back of the chair allow another person to push it if needed. Wheelchairs are easy to maintain and ideal for frequent or everyday use. Large rear wheels offer greater stability than transport chairs. Wheelchairs offer customizable options such as seat dimensions and height. Accessories are also available.

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    • Determine how and where the wheelchair will be used. A wheelchair is designed for long-term use on indoor or outdoor surfaces
    • Choose a wheelchair that offers maximum comfort and support
    • Consider the design and size of the seating area, choose a chair that suits and fits you best
    • Wheelchairs offer a variety of options and features. Adjustable footrests and flip-back armrests are elements to consider when choosing a wheelchair
    • Choose a wheelchair that can move around without difficulty and can be easily folded for transport and storage