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    Navage Nasal Care Kit

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    From the Manufacturer

    Item No. 0384904

    Navage provides fast, all-natural relief from allergy and sinus symptoms, helps reduce snoring, and keeps your nose clean - without drugs! Nasal irrigation works! It's clinically proven to relieve sinus congestion due to allergies, sinusitis, hay fever, the common cold, dry air, dust, and pollution, without drugs and drug side effects. Nasal irrigation is safe and effective, and if you irrigate regularly, you will rely less on other medications, make fewer doctor visits, breathe better through your nose, and feel and be healthier. The Navage Starter Bundle includes the Navage Nose Cleaner, 20 all-natural SaltPods, one pair of Standard Nose Pillows and two preinstalled AA batteries. Navage Nasal Care is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (USDFA) and Health Canada for use by children 12 and older. Take the Navage challenge! Find out for yourself. Use Navage twice a day for two weeks and experience what good nasal hygiene and improved nose-breathing can do for you!

    • The Navage Nose Cleaner is the world's only nasal irrigator with powered suction. Navage uses powered suction to flush out dangerous germs, allergens, mucus and bacteria naturally. It's the easy-to-use, drug-free alternative to neti pots, pills and sprays.
    • Navage Nasal Care is the only nasal all-natural sinus relief system to provide relief from allergens, mucus, bacteria and germs without drugs!
    • Your nose is your body's air filter, and the first line of defense against allergens, dirt, and dangerous germs. Nasal irrigation cleans, rinses, and moisturizes the nose so you can breathe better, sleep deeper, snore less and feel healthier.
    • Nasal care will be to the 21st century what oral care was to the 20th!
    • Also available at Rite Aid are our Navage SaltPod refills! Navage SaltPods are designed for safety, effectiveness and exceptional convenience. They are perfectly formulated to prevent irritation caused by too much or too little salt. We've eliminated measuring and mess - just pop in a SaltPod and the Navage system does the rest
    • This item may be eligible for FSA and HSA reimbursement. For any questions you may have regarding FSAs or HSAs, please browse our FAQ.
    More Information
    Product Name Navage Nasal Care Kit
    Package Count 1
    Container Type box
    Country of Manufacture United States
    Best For Congestion
    Ingredient Preference All Natural, Made in the USA
    Allergy Option Allergen Free
    Prop 65 No

    1.Fill the Upper Tank to the Fill Line with warm water. See Owners Manual for important information about water.2.Place a new SaltPod capsule in the Crushing Chamber, foil-side down. Please note, the device will only work with a new, unused SaltPod capsule in the crushing chamber3.Close the Lid firmly until you hear it click shut, and do not reopen it. No peeking4.Gently shake the device for a second or two to mix the SaltPod capsule contents with the water in the Upper Tank.5.Run a little water over the Nose Pillows to make them easier to slip into your nostrils.6.Arrows on the Nasal Dock indicate the direction of flow. Note that the rinse goes into the nose through one Nose Pillow, and comes out of the nose through the other.7.Locate the Power Button, and firmly push the button all the way in. The pump will start and the Drain Valve will open, causing saline to flow from the Upper Tank into one nostril, around the back of the nose, and out the other nostril into the Lower Tank. The first few times, do this in front of a mirror and over a sink. Dont worry, youll be a pro in no time8.The 3 Ps guarantee your success with Navgea.Positioning Insert the Nose Pillows into your nostrils and center them. Do not block the pillow tips against the nasal walls. The pillows should be in snug, but not too snug. The flexible pillow stems can be bent to obtain a centered, comfortable fit. Its essential to keep the Nose Pillow tips centered and unblocked.b.Pressure Press the pillows into your nose firmly enough to create a seal. Once the cycle starts, back off a little. This will increase the flow. If you are pressing too hard and one of the pillow tips gets blocked against the nasal wall, then the suction will decrease or stop, and you may get water down your throat, slow flow, or no flow at all. Thats why you should try backing off a little. Wiggling the nose pillows around in your nostrils can also help improve the seal.c.Posture Relax Keep your head level, look forward, stand up straight, and do not bend over. Breathe normally through your mouth.9.Nasal irrigation is safe and effective, and because it is all-natural and drug-free, you can do it as often as you wish. To quickly get the hang of it, we recommend using your Navge several times in a row when youre first learning.10.Standard Nose Pillows fit the vast majority of Navge users. However, if you are among those for whom the Standard Pillows arent quite right, Small and Extra-Large Nose Pillows are available at navage.com.11.A Navge cycle can last from 10 to 60 seconds depending on how congested you are, and on your personal anatomy. Most cycles last from 15 to 30 seconds. When the Upper Tank is empty, the cycle is complete.12.100% sinus blockage is rare, and nasal irrigation can help relieve even the most stuffed up sinus condition. If you are completely congested and cant breathe through your nose at all, see Troubleshooting Tip #5 in Owners Manual.13.When youre finished, release the Power Button and remove the Nose Pillows from your nostrils. Most users will have a little saline left in their nose. Tilt your head forward and gently blow your nose.14.Twist off the Lower Tank and empty it. Clean your device according to the instructions in the Owners Manual.


    pharmaceutical-grade sea salt and purified water


    The Navage Nasal System operates only with genuine Naväge SaltPod capsules.

    Depth 5.25
    Width 6.13
    Height 7.125