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Photo of Oral B Super Floss Dental Floss, Pre-Cut Strands, Mint, 50 strands

Oral B Super Floss Dental Floss, Pre-Cut Strands, Mint, 50 strands


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Let’s face it — flossing around braces can be a real chore. That’s why Oral B Super Floss Dental Floss makes it as easy as possible with these pre cut strands. A stiff end cleans under appliances, the spongy floss cleans around them and regular, silky floss removes plaque under the gum line.

Features & Benfits:

  • Cleans around appliances and between wide spaces
  • Removes plaque under the gum line
  • Gives you the added convenience of pre-measured strands
  • Enables you to floss under appliances like braces and bridges

No. 1 Dentist Recommended Brand

Height 5.4 inches
Width 2.15 inches
Depth 1.05 inches
Unit Price $8.78 per 100 (on regular retail)
Available Online
Package Count 50
Depth 1.05
Width 2.15
Height 5.4
Container Type Box
Model PH82552
Indications Removing food and dental plaque from between teeth
Country of Manufacture Ireland
For use, bridges, braces, implants and wide spaces, using the stiffened end, thread the spongy-floss between teeth and appliance or through wide spaces. Use a soft back-and-forth motion to help remove bacteria plaque. Pull the spongy-floss through to the regular floss section. Gently slide the regular floss under the gumline. Use an up-and-down motion to help remove plaque. Regular teeth, gently slide regular floss between teeth and under the gumline. Clean under the gumline as directed above. Use a fresh section of floss for every tooth.