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Photo of ProFoot Goodnight Bunion Bunion Regulator, Fits All Sizes, 1 pair

ProFoot Goodnight Bunion Bunion Regulator, Fits All Sizes, 1 pair


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Before you invest in costly surgeries for your bunions, try the ProFoot Goodnight Bunion Bunion Regulator. Its ultra-comfy brace fits all sizes and is completely adjustable, letting you gently realign your big toe and fix bunions while you sleep. The podiatrist recommended ProFoot has been a go-to remedy for orthopedic surgeons for years.

Features & Benefits:

  • Gently realigns tight tendons and muscles
  • An alternative to surgery
  • Comfortable, safe and highly effective
  • Podiatrist recommended
  • Nylon fabric fastener strap allows you to regulate tension
Height 7.3 inches
Width 3.85 inches
Depth 2.5 inches
Unit Price $8.99 per EACH (on regular retail)
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Package Count 1
Depth 2.5
Width 3.85
Height 7.3
Container Type Box
Model 1668
Indications Relieve pressure and discomfort while sleeping
Country of Manufacture China
Loosen the strap on the bunion regulator. Slip the bunion regulator over big toe so that the cradle (front) of the regulator is on the inside of the big toe and the padded band covers the bunion area. The strap will be on the bottom of the foot. Wrap it around the outside of the foot, then across the top of the foot and slip through the hook. Adjust the strap to cause pressure on the big toe and secure the strap in place. Increase pressure on the big toe by gradually tightening the strap as needed. A little discomfort at the base of the joint of the big toe shows the effectiveness, but should not be too strong as to disturb your sleep.