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Photo of Rite Aid Gauze Bandage Rolls, 5 rolls

Rite Aid Gauze Bandage Rolls, 5 rolls


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Conveniently providing hospital-quality bandages for the home, Rite Aid Gauze Bandages are a perfect addition to your in-home First-Aid kit. The flexible, stretchable material easily conforms to hard-to-reach place on the body and wraps around arms, legs and waist. The extensive length offers extra bandaging when you need it the most. Includes five rolls.
Height 3.55
Width 4.25
Depth 6.00
Unit Price $199.8 per 100 (on regular retail)
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Depth 6.00
Width 4.25
Height 3.55
Extended Size 5 rolls
Wash hands with soap, clean and dry wound with towel. Cover wound with all purpose dressing or dressing sponges as a primary layer. Begin wrapping bandage over primary dressing layer. While wrapping, each pass should overlap the previous one. Remember to wrap evenly without twisting. If the bandage feels tight unwrap and reapply. Change dressing daily or more frequently if necessary.

Seek professional help in medical emergencies. Sterility guaranteed unless individual wrapper is damaged or opened.