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Photo of Rite Aid Lancets, 100 ea

Rite Aid Lancets, 100 ea


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Health care. For micro-blood sampling. Sterile tip. Single use only. Compatible with most lancing devices. For use with the following devices: One Touch Lancing Device, Ultra Soft; Penlet Plus; Freestyle Lite; Gentle Draw; Rite Aid; BD; Microlet 2; Prestige Smart System; MediSense; Soft Touch; Autolet; Qwik-let; Vaculance and many more. . Not compatible with Accu-Chek Softclix. Made in China.
Height 2.15
Width 2.85
Depth 4.90
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Depth 4.90
Width 2.85
Height 2.15

The lancet tip is guaranteed sterile while the protective disk is sealed to the base. Do not use if the seal has been damaged or broken.