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Photo of Rite Aid Lint Roller, 72 layers

Rite Aid Lint Roller, 72 layers


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Easy-peel layers. Quickly removes lint, dust, pet hair and dandruff. Uses: The Rite-Aid Lint Roller quickly removes lint, dust, dandruff and pet hair from almost any surface. It is safe for all fabrics, leather, nylon, etc. The Rite-Aid Lint Roller also works great on floors, windows, bedspreads, even your bathroom. There are hundreds of uses around the house, your car or in your workplace. Made in China.
Height 2.30
Width 2.20
Depth 9.05
Unit Price $0.06 per COUNT (on regular retail)
Sub Brand Rite Aid Home
Available Online
Depth 9.05
Width 2.20
Height 2.30
Extended Size 72 layers
To Use: Remove cover and save. Roll Rite-Aid Lint Roller over surface to be cleaned. When sheet is fully covered, lift sheets using perforation, peel off used sheets and discard. To Change Refills: Simply pull empty roll off handle and replace with new refill.