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Photo of Rite Aid Multi-Duster Plus, Disposable, 10 dusters

Rite Aid Multi-Duster Plus, Disposable, 10 dusters


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Rite Aid Home Multi-Duster Plus has soft fluffy fibers that trap dust, dirt and pet hair with ease. Multi-Duster Plus is great for cleaning hard-to-reach places such as under electronics, fan blades and even window blinds. Each duster works with almost any surface, leaving no residue. These Multi-Duster Plus pads will also fit Swiffer Duster handles. Contains 10 disposable dusters with 1 resuable handle.

Made in China.

(Swiffer is a registered trademark of Procter & Gamble. Procter & Gamble is not affiliated with Rite Aid or this product).

Height 4.70
Width 4.55
Depth 7.90
Unit Price $75.9 per 100 (on regular retail)
Sub Brand Rite Aid Home
Available Online
Depth 7.90
Width 4.55
Height 4.70
Extended Size 10 dusters
Country of Manufacture
1. Match rounded ends. Push together forcefully. Listen for snap. 2. Slide handle into pad. 3. Fluff pad. 4. Slide off when pad is full and discard. Use only on cool surfaces. Not intended for use with any liquids.

Keep out of reach of children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion.