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Low blood sugar, also called hypoglycemia, means that your blood sugar is below normal levels. Why is that a problem? Blood sugar fuels your body's cells, and if those cells don't get the fuel they need, your body may not function properly. Symptoms of hypoglycemia range from feeling dizzy and confused to more extreme symptoms such as passing out or fainting. This condition is primarily a problem for people with diabetes, but with the right prevention methods, it's a problem that can easily be managed.

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Family sitting by a Christmas tree

We've all been there. Between the shopping, the cooking, and the family gatherings, how are you going to find a moment for managing diabetes? In the season of giving, it's still important that you take time for your own health and happiness.

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When it comes to managing diabetes, there's no such thing as being overly prepared—especially when so few of your busy days go exactly as planned. Unexpected events, from a surprise social invitation to a serious weather event, can keep you out and about longer than you'd expected. Keep a diabetes kit with you so you're always prepared with your diabetes care essentials.

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Cold and flu season typically gets up and running in early fall and can last until May. It can be an especially trying time for those managing diabetes since they can be more susceptible to illness. If that weren't enough, sickness tends to cause stress, and stress hormones can affect your blood sugar. Diabetes and colds don't always mix well, but they can be safely managed.

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