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Incontinence Product Selector

Incontinence Product Selector

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Who is the product for?

  • Man

  • Woman

What is the level of leakage?

  • A few drops when coughing, sneezing, laughing, or doing physical activity

  • Small surges that are more than a few drops

  • Steady flow that can’t be controlled once it starts

  • Both bladder and bowel leakage

What is the user's level of physical activity, generally?

  • Frequent movement, with strenuous exercise several times a week

  • Some movement, with moderate exercise

  • Little movement, with infrequent or no exercise

  • No movement: bedridden or predominantly sedentary lifestyle

What is the user's size? Please select a measure below.

  • Waist Size

  • Hip Size

  • Underwear

  • Weight

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