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  • Enhance Your Eye Color with the Right Eyeshadow

    Enhance your eyes by choosing an eyeshadow shade that complements your natural color. Complementary colors are always opposite each other on the color chart—think copper for blue eyes, navy for brown, and dark berry for green. For a truly custom look, try using a shimmery eyeshadow that reflects any flecks in your eyes to highlight their depth.

  • Rock A Natural Look with Confidence

    You don't need a full face of makeup to feel your best. Products that enhance your natural beauty can help smooth any imperfections while highlighting your features. Start with a light BB cream that mixes tinted coverage with moisturizer. Then, dab on some cream blush, one sweep of mascara, and a tinted lip balm for a low key look that leaves you polished but totally natural.

  • How to Achieve That Dewy Glow

    Whether you have mature skin, oily spots, or struggle with dryness, a fresh dewy look always starts with the right moisturizer for your skin type. Check for ingredients to benefit your dry, combo, or oily skin. Then, try mixing a little liquid highlighter with your favorite skin-specific moisturizer and use a cream-based blush to reflect light and give you the dewy, fresh-faced look you crave.

  • How to Find Your True Concealer Shade

    Concealer can look anything but natural if you mistakenly choose the wrong shade. If you have golden or olive skin, look for yellow-toned concealer that will effortlessly mask dark circles. Cool-toned fair skin? Try concealers with pink or green undertones that mask red spots and smooth out discoloration. Then, use a makeup sponge to blend and top with your favorite blush for a flawless look.

5 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Natural Features

Don't hide the features that make you uniquely you—show them off for a look that is all your own!

  • Feature Freckles

    Skip heavy foundation and use a tinted moisturizer to even skin tone without hiding your freckles.

  • Highlight Cheekbones

    Give cheekbones their time to shine by using a fan brush to dust the tops with a little highlighting powder.

  • Fill Out Brows

    Strong brows are in! Embrace their natural shape by using a brow pencil to fill in any sparse spots, then brush with a clean mascara wand to blend.

  • Pucker Up

    Contour isn't just for cheeks. Apply your lipstick and then dab a little gloss in the center of your lips to accentuate their fullness.

  • Enhance Eyes

    Show off your eye color by using an opposite color for your eyeliner. Accent brown eyes with navy liner, or go for burgundy to make blue eyes pop.

Simple Styling Tips That Won't Damage Your Hair

Your hair can take a beating from heat styling and damaging habits. Give your strands a much-needed break with these simple tips.

  • Skip Scrubbing

    Don't scrub your hair dry after a shower—it only roughs up hair cuticles. Instead, pat hair gently to remove excess water and limit damage.

  • Upgrade Hair Ties

    Get rid of old hair ties with metal closures that tear your hair and upgrade to metal-free versions. Your ponytail will thank you.

  • Air Dry

    By picking up products that tame frizz and support your natural shape and texture, you can avoid damage from daily heat styling.

  • Use a Heat Protectant

    A heat-protecting spray or cream defends your hair from the heat of a blow dryer or straightener to prevent long-term damage.

  • Sleep in Silk

    A silk scarf or pillowcase can help keep your hair cuticles smooth and can even preserve your style. The next morning, a quick touch up means you're out the door even faster.

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