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  • Exfoliate for Healthy Skin

    Regular exfoliation helps remove dry, dead skin to increase cell turnover and reveal smoother, more radiant skin. Try a shower scrub and work in small sections, rubbing the product in circular motions. Rinse, pat skin dry, and use a moisturizer to lock in hydration for a silky smooth feeling.

  • One Secret to Soothe Dry Skin

    Dry elbows and flaky feet? An in-shower moisturizer is one of the simplest ways to banish dry skin because it locks in moisture before you even dry off. Smooth a thin layer onto wet skin, pat dry, and see an instant head-to-toe improvement.

  • Quick Tips for Chapped Lips

    Bring chapped lips back to life by using a lip scrub to remove dead skin and then moisturizing with a lip product containing shea or cocoa butter. You may also want to avoid long-wear lipsticks until your lips have healed as these formulas tend to highlight an imperfect pout rather than conceal it. Instead, apply a tinted chapstick for a hint of color and you'll see smooth lips in just a few days!

  • Exfoliating Mistakes You Might Be Making

    Exfoliation is an important part of any skincare routine, but you might be missing out if you're not doing it correctly. A harsh product can irritate your face, so choose one that exfoliates with alpha hydroxy acids rather than abrasive materials. Follow any exfoliating session with moisturizer to replenish lost hydration and highlight fresh, glowing skin.

Update Your Color Palette for Fall

Beachy colors and pastel nails are great for summer, but as the season changes, so should your colors.

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    Some skin tones naturally become deeper with exposure to the sun, but cooler weather means spending more time indoors. If your tan has started to fade, adjust your foundation to account for lighter autumn skin.
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    Swap your hot pinks for deep burgundy for a seasonal pout. If you prefer a classic red, go for one with cooler, blue undertones.
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    Fall is a great time to experiment with jewel tones. Grab an eyeshadow palette that includes berry, rust colors, navy, and even deep green.
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    Score a fall-worthy manicure by updating with darker tones. Try a smokey gray for a neutral nail or go with emerald for a pop of color.

Beauty Tips Fit
for the Season

Fall means cooler temps and warmer clothes—and key
changes to your skin and beauty routines.

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    Change Your Palettes

    Put bright summer colors in the drawer and leave burgundy, plum, navy, and brown shadows, liners, and lipstick where they can inspire your look.
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    Beauty on the Move

    Keep a beauty kit in your car for a quick refresh when going from class to work to dinner. With a facial mist, eyeliner touchup, and fresh lipstick on hand, you'll be ready for anything.
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    Skin Secrets

    Changing temperatures can leave your skin dry, so hydrating it is extra important. Switch to a deep-moisturizing formula with coconut oil, try a hydrating body wash or consider investing in an eye cream.
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    Save Time

    Simplify your morning routine by styling your hair while you sleep! Section it off into six or seven loose braids, mist with water, and wake up to fall-worthy waves.
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    New Season, New Routine

    Wake up to a more beautiful you with a powerful overnight cream. Ingredients like retinol and vitamin C work while you sleep to combat wrinkles and brighten skin.

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