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How to Undo the
Damage of the Day

Makeup, pollution, and stress can all do a number on your skin, so end your day with a damage-fighting routine. Start with a gentle cleanser and an antioxidant-rich serum. Finally, treat your skin with a hydrating moisturizer to combat dryness.

Overnight Hydration? Serum is Your Best Bet

When you really want to make a difference in your skin, serum is a powerhouse to address everything from fine lines to blemishes. Serums are usually lighter than typical moisturizers so the skin can absorb them more efficiently. An all-night formula with ingredients like retinol or hyaluronic acid can penetrate your skin's layers for deep healing.

Could a Cleansing Oil Be Your Skin's Savior?

It might sound counterintuitive, but cleansing oil can actually help your skin retain its natural moisture barrier, dissolving dirt and restoring balance. It's also super gentle, so you don't need to worry about irritating your skin or scrubbing to get rid of stubborn makeup.

How to Fake a Good Night's Sleep

You won't always get the seven to nine hours of sleep you need, but don't let a sleepless night leave its mark. Banish puffy eyes with a nourishing eye cream containing caffeine and use a yellow-toned concealer to cancel out those bluish under-eye circles. Finish with a little highlighter on your eyelids to brighten up your look.


Healthline, What Causes Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

5 Ways to Reboot Your Nightly Routine

A little self-care can go a long way toward helping you unwind for the night. Reboot your tired bedtime routine with these tips to pamper and rejuvenate before you hit the hay.


Add Ten

Taking care of yourself doesn't have to be a full-time job. Just ten extra minutes every evening can be the key to a relaxed and stress-free nightly routine.

Cabinet Refresh

Get rid of old or expired products with a quick bathroom inventory and add details like scented candles or a soft headband to bring new life to your routine.

More Massage

As you cleanse, tone, and moisturize before bed, take the time to massage each product into your skin. It increases circulation and can help products absorb more completely.

Add a Mask

Masks don't have to be a hassle. A convenient sheet mask or all-night mask gives you an extra dose of hydration with no extra fuss.

Focus on One

Choose one part of skincare that you want to improve, like fine lines, dark circles, or uneven tone. Taking the time to actively improve one area can give your nighttime routine a sense of renewal.


Simple Styling Tips that
Won’t Damage Your Hair

Your hair can take a beating from heat styling and damaging habits. Give your strands a much-needed break with these simple tips.

Skip Scrubbing

Don't scrub your hair dry after a shower—it only roughs up hair cuticles. Instead, pat hair gently to remove excess water and limit damage.

Hair Ties

Get rid of old hair ties with metal closures that tear your hair and upgrade to metal-free versions. Your ponytail will thank you.

Air Dry

By picking up products that tame frizz and support your natural shape and texture, you can avoid damage from daily heat styling. Use a Heat Protectant A heat-protecting spray or cream defends your hair from the heat of a blow dryer or straightener to prevent long-term damage.

Sleep in Silk

A silk scarf or pillowcase can help keep your hair cuticles smooth and can even preserve your style. The next morning, a quick touch up means you're out the door even faster.

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