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Protect yourself from shingles at Rite Aid today. In seniors it can lead to serious complications. Find a Store

Learn More About Our Pharmacists

Our Pharmacists are focused on you. Get answers to your questions and help saving money on your medications

What makes Rite Aid pharmacists unique? For starters, they understand the importance of providing you with personalized care. Not only have our pharmacists received the extensive education necessary to meet state licensing requirements, all our pharmacists are certified to provide immunizations. But it's their daily interactions with customers like you that matter most. All customers can securely email questions directly to a Rite Aid pharmacist. As a wellness+ with Plenti member, you can also live chat with a pharmacist 24/7.

How Can Your Pharmacist Help You?

Rite Aid pharmacists do much more than dispense prescriptions. They are also medication experts who play an important role in keeping you and your family healthy. Your pharmacist can: 

  • Answer your questions: What does your medicine do? What are its side effects? And is it safe to take with your other prescriptions? Your pharmacist knows and wants to help you get the most from your medications.
  • Help you save money: Your pharmacist can tell you if a generic medication is the right choice, help you save with our Rx Savings Program, and answer questions you may have about prescription insurance coverage, including Medicare Part D.
  • Provide immunizations: Rite Aid pharmacists offer flu shotsshingles immunizations and other vaccines. You never need an appointment and we accept many insurance plans.
  • Work with your doctor: Our pharmacists communicate directly with your doctor when they have questions or concerns about your prescriptions. They also keep a detailed history of your medications and can ensure that you are at the lowest possible risk for overdoses and adverse drug reactions.  

The better your relationship with your pharmacist, the better they can serve you—so stop by your local Rite Aid and get to know your pharmacist today.