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Chat with a Rite Aid pharmacist live.

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Rite Advice

Want to learn more about your prescriptions? Search our drug information guide for helpful advice on some of the most commonly prescribed medications, including potential side effects and drug interactions

Or visit Ident-A-Drug to view a color image of your medication

Pharmacy Services

From helping you manage your medications online to offering in-store immunizations, we've simplified the way you care for your family's health.

Prescription Refills & Transfers

It’s easy to refill or transfer your prescriptions online to have them filled at your nearest Rite Aid pharmacy.

My Pharmacy

Get convenient prescription refill reminders, tools for managing your medications, and more with a free My Pharmacy online account.

Flu Shots and Immunizations

Shield yourself from the flu with a flu shot from Rite Aid and get 25 wellness+ points*. Plus, most insurance is accepted and you don't need an appointment. *Limitations apply.

Prescription Advisor

Get a free Prescription Advisor report to help you see how well you're taking your medications as prescribed.

Speak with a PharmacistTitle-Speak with a Pharmacist

Do you have questions about your medications? Get convenient access to answers online via phone, email or online chat.

Ask a PharmacistSpeak with a Pharmacist-Ask a Pharmacist

Insurance and Prescription SavingsTitle-Insurance and Prescription Savings

Rite Aid accepts a wide variety of insurance plans and offers discount programs that may help you save money on your medications.

Save on Your PrescriptionsInsurance and Prescription Savings-Save on Your Prescriptions

Learn More About Our PharmacistsTitle-Learn More About Our Pharmacists

All Rite Aid pharmacists are here to answer your questions, provide advice, and recommend the right prescription and OTC products for your condition.

Meet Our PharmacistsLearn More About Our Pharmacists-Meet Our Pharmacists

Learn About Drug DisposalTitle-Learn About Drug Disposal

Find out how to properly dispose of unused medicines according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Disposing of Unused MedicinesLearn About Drug Disposal-Disposing of Unused Medicines

Health InformationTitle-Health Information

We have the online and in-store educational resources and money-saving programs you need to take control of your family's health.

Get Health Care SupportHealth Information-Get Health Care Support