Award-winning, legendary quality
ice cream for nearly 80 years.

Thrifty is making its way to your area with something to prove:

No matter where it comes from, there’s always room for ice cream. Since 1940, Californians have cherished Thrifty Ice Cream's quality ingredients, award-winning recipes, and incredible value. For the first time ever, eight signature flavors are now offered near you.


Find, taste and discover the value of Thrifty ice cream at your neighborhood Rite Aid today!!

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Look for these delicious flavors in their colorful 48 oz. tubs

Rocky Road

Things are about to get bumpy! Our Rocky Road takes you on an unforgettable adventure of rich chocolate, gooey marshmallows, and crunchy California almond

image of rocky road ice cream
Pistachio Nut

Why do people go nuts for our Pistachio Nut ice cream? Simple. It’s rich, it’s creamy, and it’s packed with whole California pistachios. One bite, and you’ll see what all the fuss is about.

image of Pistachio Nut ice cream
Mint ‘N Chip

Experience our perfectly crafted Mint Chip ice cream—complete with mighty mint flavor and delicious chocolate cheer.

image of Mint ‘N Chip ice cream
Chocolate Malted Krunch

Want taste that’s out of this world? Our signature Chocolate Malted Krunch blends creamy California dairy and crisp chocolate pieces for intergalactic ice cream goodness!

image of Chocolate Malted Krunch ice cream
Butter Pecan

Just another day of sharing Butter Pecan with the universe! Our rich, buttery flavored ice cream and bits of butter-roasted pecans are a real galaxy-pleaser

image of Butter Pecan ice cream
Cookies ‘N Cream

Life is sweet with Cookies ‘N Cream! When every bite features fresh chocolate cookie chunks mixed with creamy vanilla ice cream, you can’t help but smile.

image of Cookies ‘N Cream ice cream

So simple, and yet so special. Our classic Vanilla flavored ice cream wins a double thumbs-up every time—on its own or with your favorite toppings.

image of Vanilla ice cream
Chocolate Chip

Look up, because our creamy vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate chip blend is about to land! We call it our match made in sweet-treat heaven.

image of Chocolate Chip ice cream

Selections may vary by store.