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    If you are a Rite Aid customer requesting your own prescription and immunization records, click the “Customer Request Form” button.


    If you are a third party such as an insurer or legal office with a customer authorization requesting a customer’s records, click the “Third Party Request Form” button.

    Your privacy is our number one priority. Medchart operates with several safeguards to ensure the privacy of your personal information.


    Medchart uses industry-leading encryption technologies used by major banks to secure your information, and continuously monitors and upgrades our systems on new developments. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit using advanced AES-256 and 2048-bit SSL protocols.


    Any of your personal information which Medchart collects via this Site is subject to the Medchart Privacy Policy, which can be found at https://www.medchart.com/privacy


    Access to your order will be facilitated in one of two ways:

    1.   You may receive an email with an encrypted attachment containing the results of your requests. To access this encrypted file, you will need to enter the customer date of birth into the password field as was originally entered when you submitted your order.

    2.   You may be required to create a secure account and login to access your order. This account setup will require you to create a unique username and password as well as enable 2FA (2-factor authentication) to ensure the safety of your records. A 2-factor authentication system (a verification code sent to your cell phone or email at time of login) minimizes the chances of unauthorized access in case your login details have been stolen.

    Rite Aid does not currently charge its customers for requested prescription and immunization records.


     Third parties requesting records are subject to a fee, as follows:


    Certain fees may apply for requests for medical records from a Custodian covered by the Federal law including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH). Under the HITECH Act, Custodians can charge a flat fee of $6.50 or, alternatively, a “reasonable, cost-based fee” for producing electronic records requested directly from the patient. 


    Custodians may charge a reasonable, cost-based fee for paper records. Most but not all Custodians will be covered by HIPAA and HITECH. For example, if your doctor does not maintain or transmit records electronically, allowable costs will vary from provider to provider.      State law may also provide restrictions on fees for providing medical records. Under Texas law, for example, if your medical records are provided on paper, Custodians may charge a reasonable, cost-based fee of no more than $25 for the first twenty pages and $.50 per page for every copy thereafter. For records provided in electronic format, Custodians may charge not more than $25 for 500 pages or less; $50 for more than 500 pages. Allowable charges for copies of diagnostic imaging studies (e.g., x-rays) are no more than $8 per copy.


    Unfortunately, this means that fees are passed on to patients (if applicable).


    Ordering your records online has several benefits, including:


    ●  Eliminate mailing and in-person pickups, reducing the overall time to receive your records


    ●  Receive your records electronically enables you to securely view and share the records with anyone in your circle of care

    No, Medchart cannot disclose any of your Personal Information unless you have given express consent to disclose information to that individual or that individual is your Personal Representative.


    Once you have submitted your request, your records or a statement of no records found will be available within 30 days of your submission. Once your records are available, you will receive an email notification.

    The safety and privacy of your information is our top priority, and Medchart has deployed appropriate physical, administrative, and technical measures designed to safeguard your Personal Information against theft, loss, unauthorized access, copying, modification, use, disclosure and disposal. These measures include appropriate security policies, employee training, the use of nondisclosure agreements, audits and compliance monitoring, and access controls (facility and workstation). 


    Medchart uses strong encryption technologies to secure your information, and monitors and upgrades our systems to reflect new technology and other developments. Access to your online profile and medical records is protected by your personal login details. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of our optional 2-factor authentication system (a verification code sent to your registered cell phone or email at time of login) to minimize the likelihood of unauthorized access in case your login details have been lost or stolen.

    Medchart only discloses your Personal Health Information to you, your Designated Representative, and/or anybody you have expressly directed us to disclose that information to (e.g. substitute decision-maker, family member, healthcare provider). Medchart does not sell your personal information or Personal Health Information to anybody.

    No. Your information remains your property. Occasionally, we may need to use de-identified information (information from which all personal identifiers have been removed), for example, to present user statistics. The process for de-identification of Personal Health Information is strictly regulated by Federal and State law.