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    2015 Fall Nail Trends


    It may not be Fall yet, but it’s right around the corner. So, in order to get the scoop on this year’s nail trends we sat down with two of our Beauty Advisors, Jessica and Kate.


    1. There are SO many nail color combos for Fall! What are your favorites and any trends we should know about?

      Jessica: My favorite color combo for Fall is burgundy and gold. They pair so well together!

      Kate: Hot for Fall 2015 autumn colors are greens, purples and reds! And of course - matte finishes are still in trend.

    2. We always have such a hard time deciding which color to choose for our nails! Do you have a go-to nail color?

      Definitely. I usually opt for a deep red or nude/peach shade for my nails. They both work really well with my skin tone!

      Kate: My go to color for a mani is Essie's "Topless & Barefoot." I love it because it's a great natural shade that complements any outfit.

    3. And we can’t forget about your toes! What’s your go-to color for a pedi? 

       This is where I tend to have more fun! I like brighter reds and pinks, but I will occasionally try blues/greens or play around with designs.

      Kate: For my toes, I love China Glaze's "Hey Sailor.” It's a beautiful cherry red shade that's really eye-catching.

    4. How often do you switch your nail color? Every day, every week, every month, etc.

      : I am very hard on my nails so I tend to repaint them about every 10-14 days.

      Kate: I love to play around with different colors, but I also want to make sure my nails are healthy! I usually switch colors every week – depending on how long the color lasts (without chipping)!

    5. Speaking of chipping…Do you have any expert tips for making your mani/pedi last longer?

       Make sure you have time to spare so that they get completely dry. This keeps them smoother and makes them less likely to catch on things and chip.

      Kate: The best tip I have for making my mani/pedi last is to apply topcoat horizontally to the very tips of my nails. It helps seal the color and prevent the polish from chipping.


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