4 Smart Spring Cleaning Hacks

Post Date: March 2017

4 Smart Spring Cleaning Hacks

Ready to tackle spring cleaning? These tips and tricks will up your cleaning game and save you time and money:

Polish your sink

After cleaning your sink, faucet, and shower doors, polish them with a little car wax. The wax will form a protective barrier against soap scum, keeping your bathroom gleaming for longer.

Dust your lampshades

Lampshades are delicate and notoriously awkward to clean. Instead of wrestling with your vacuum, grab a lint roller and gently roll it over the inside and outside of your shade. It'll be dust-free in no time.

Tackle your baseboards.

Don't throw away your used dryer sheets! Dusting your baseboards and moldings with a dryer sheet can help repel dust and pet hair, keeping them clean for longer. To get rid of tough stains, use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Clean your fans and lights

Remove dirt and grime from ceiling fans and light fixtures with a damp cloth. For high fixtures, use a Swiffer Extender Kit to clean even hard-to-reach spaces without a hassle.

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