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    All the Halloween Supplies You Need This Season



    Don't let Halloween sneak up on you!.

    Don't let it sneak up on you—Halloween is right around the corner and there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate. Pick up the Halloween supplies you need to make this holiday delightfully frightful.




    Let trick-or-treaters know you're open for business with plenty of festive decor. Cotton balls can be used to make simple spider webs by stretching each one out and twisting the ends together to form a web. They look great draped across the bushes, and orange twinkle lights will give your front porch a festive flair. Inside your home, dim lights, candles, or even a strobe light can add to the spooky mood.


    Fun and Games


    Bring your friends and family together for a costume-making party complete with face painting and Halloween-themed treats. Kids can compete in decorating candy bags, and guests of all ages can add to your decor by providing and carving pumpkins.




    A wide selection of candy means you'll have something for everyone, but you can help keep it simple by looking for bags that offer some variety, like Starburst Fruit Chews or Hershey's Assorted Chocolate Miniatures. Put everything in a large, festive bowl, and consider adding a separate bowl of non-edible trinkets for kids with allergies.


    With the right Halloween supplies, you can be the most popular house on the block!


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