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    Cleaning Dentures Every Day Helps Keep Bacteria Away


    Wearing dentures or partials can give you a big boost of confidence in your smile. Being able to enjoy all your favorite foods again is a nice bonus too. But just like caring for natural teeth, it’s important to clean your dentures or partials EVERY DAY to help eliminate odor-causing bacteria.


    Unlike natural teeth, dentures are up to 10 times softer than natural teeth and require special care. To help maintain dentures and partials, they should be cleaned with an appropriate nonabrasive denture cleanser solution. Regular toothpaste can scratch dentures and create areas where bacteria can hide and grow.



    3 Easy Steps For Daily Denture Cleaning with Cleanser Solutions and Tablets*



    1.) Drop a denture cleanser tablet into a cup of very warm (not hot) water (enough to cover your dentures) and soak dentures. (Tablets are available for fast cleaning or overnight soaking. Soak dentures as directed on product label.)

    2.) Brush your dentures with the denture cleanser solution and a soft-bristled denture brush.

    3.) Rinse dentures thoroughly with running water before inserting them.


    The Academy of General Dentistry recommends removing dentures for eight hours every day; this gives your gums a chance to rest and promotes better gum health. It’s also a great opportunity for cleaning your dentures daily.



    Dentist Knows Best



    Be sure to keep up with your regular visits to your dentist. In addition to checking the condition of your dentures and any remaining teeth, a regular exam is an ideal time to address any sores in your mouth, check for changes in the shape of your gums, check for signs of oral cancer, or simply talk to your dentist about your partials or denture care.

    *Always follow package directions