Enjoy Living a Longer Healthy Life

Post Date: March 2017  |  Category: Diet & Fitness Health Tips Senior Health Vitamins & Supplements

Want to live longer? Get tips from the world's oldest people.

For a blueprint for healthy living, look no further than the Blue Zones—areas of the world whose residents lead unusually long lives, with very low rates of chronic disease. From Japan to Greece to Costa Rica, Blue-Zoners share a number of common habits:

They Connect

In Blue Zones, locals form lasting bonds in their communities, families, and churches. Choose friends with healthy lifestyles. They'll help you move more and avoid unhealthy habits.

They Eat Right

Blue Zone diets are high in nuts and plant-based foods, especially beans, and low in meat and sugar. Grab a pack of almonds to up your snack game.

They Keep Moving

Blue-Zoners walk everywhere. It's a way of life that helps them keep trucking. Build activity into your life by going for a 30-minute walk five times per week.

A Final Twist

Turmeric! This yellow spice, which graces Blue Zone dishes around the world, may lower your risk of heart disease and is currently being studied for its potential anti-cancer effects. Cook with it or take a Rite Aid Turmeric Herbal Supplement. Remember to consult with your doctor or a Rite Aid Pharmacist before starting any new regimens.

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