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Happy Halloween Safety Tips for the Whole Family



Halloween is even better when it's safe for everyone.


Halloween is one of the best nights of the year, and it's even better when everyone can enjoy it safely. With these Halloween safety tips, the whole family can make the most of this spooky holiday.


Talk To Your Kids


Before you head out for trick-or-treating, it's important to talk to your kids about taking proper precautions. Tell them to walk, not run, from house to house, and always look both ways before crossing the street. Discuss never entering a home, even if someone offers a treat, and only visiting well-lit houses. If your child is going out without a parent, map out a route where they're allowed to go, set up a buddy system, and agree on a time that they'll return home.


Practice Costume Safety


Avoid costumes that include capes or long dresses that could cause trips or falls. Any swords, knives, or other accessories should be short, flexible, and easy to carry. If your child is wearing a mask, be sure it fits well and doesn't obstruct their vision. When in doubt, leave the mask at home and do face paint instead.


Be Seen in the Dark


Visibility is a key component of safety. If possible, try to pick light-colored costumes that are easier to see in the dark. If a dark costume is essential, add some reflective tape on the sides and back. You can also have your child wear or carry a glow stick, like the Life Gear Glow Stick, and don't forget to bring a Duracell flashlight to light the way for your little ones.


Check Your Candy


Most kids want to dive into their candy before they even make it back home, but it's important to make sure it's safe to eat. Check for anything that's not in its original package or that may have been opened, and read ingredients thoroughly to ensure the candy doesn't contain allergens. Keep the kids in good spirits by replacing any candy you remove with fun and inexpensive trinkets that are age-appropriate.


It's easy to have fun celebrating and trick-or-treating when everyone follows simple Halloween safety tips.


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