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    Healthy Eating Tips From Your Rite Aid Pharmacist


    Today, we're going to get some helpful tips from Diana who's a pharmacist here at Rite Aid.


    Let's go!


    Why is it important that we start eating healthy right now? So eating healthy will help support a healthy body weight it can reduce your chances of chronic diseases, and it also can support a healthy gut. 


    What can a healthy eating pattern include? Whole fruits, incorporating grains, making sure that half of them are whole grains, lean proteins and seafood, for example, like a chicken or a lean steak, and also healthy oils, so like avocado oil is also very healthy and important to incorporate in your diet. And, one other thing, when it comes to dairy, you want to look for lower-fat options and also doing like a lower-fat yogurt maybe low-fat milk, and there's also other options for dairy, for example, like an almond milk or a soy-based milk. 


    Are there any product recommendations you can make that can help support a healthy eating pattern? We offer a variety of products here at Rite Aid that will help support your nutrition and your daily regimen when it comes to healthy living. For example, we have multivitamins that are going to help support anything that you're missing in your diet. We also offer a variety of snacks that are healthy and help you get back on track with your eating. 


    What are the possible health benefits of fiber intake? So fiber is associated with various health benefits, from lowering your blood pressure, lowering your cholesterol, lowering your weight and even lowering blood sugar. 


    Where can we find fiber in our diet? In your regular diet, you're going to find fiber in your vegetables, your fruits, legumes and whole grains. 


    What products can you recommend to increase our fiber intake? We offer a variety of fiber supplements here at Rite Aid for patients who aren't receiving enough fiber through their regular diet. For example, Metamucil. We also offer fiber gummies and also fiber tablets, so any of these products will help supplement for the patient who's not receiving enough fiber through their regular diet or may need a boost in their fiber. 


    A special thank you to Diana for sharing all that she did today, and just a reminder, connect with your local Rite Aid pharmacist -- they're there to help you every day. 


    Thanks so much for watching. Check out our Healthy Eating Solution Center for more information.