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    How to Rock The Dots


    Spring is just around the corner, and we all know that means new styles & fun are on the way. And who could be better to take style advice from than Minnie Mouse? Think about it. She’s rocked her classic look for decades and it’s never gone out of fashion. Find out which new Minnie-inspired Lip Smacker style fits your personality below!


    Does the thought of eating a big slice of watermelon at a family BBQ get you excited? If so, you’re a total joyful Minnie! Try our new Minnie Watermelon Lip Smacker to help jump-start your new springtime look!


    Dreaming of spending your weekends at local fairs or searching your mom’s closet for that top she rocked in the 80’s so you can borrow it, maybe forever? You’re a true classic, hands-down Vintage Minnie! Stock up on the classic Minnie Cotton Candy Lip Smacker to complete your throwback vibes.


    Love to spoil friends and family with your baking experiments? You’re as delightful as they come and everyone agrees you’re a Sweet Minnie! While you wait for your desserts to bake, use our Minnie Cupcake Lip Smacker to satisfy your sweet tooth!


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