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Receutics: Healthier Skin Awaits at Your Local Rite Aid


Why cover your skin imperfections when you can correct them? If you haven’t heard of Receutics Active Skin Repair, read on to learn how this skincare solution can help you repair and renew your skin!


About Receutics


Receutics Active Skin Repair is a dermatologist-strength skincare solution that goes straight to your skin cells, giving them a high concentration of the nutrients they need most. Available without a prescription exclusively at Rite Aid stores and online, Receutics heals skin from the inside out.


Acne Clearing


Battling acne? Let Receutics Active Skin Repair help! When used together, the 3-step acne and skincare regimen is clinically proven to be more effective1 and faster2 at reducing facial acne than Proactiv®3. In just two weeks it significantly reduces redness and acne, improves the radiance and clarity of your skin, leaving pores smaller and skin smoother. Based on clinical trials, 92% of participants saw improvement in just 5 days. The kit provides up to a 90-day supply for just $49.99, making it a better value than other kits. For only $0.55 a day, you can have clearer skin!


1 Based on lesion counts.  2 True at week 4. 3 3/20/2014 Clinical studies for Receutics Active Skin Repair.


Dry Skin Therapy


Many people experience dry skin and eczema. A clinically-proven skin repair treatment, Receutics Dry Skin Therapy prevents irritated, itchy, red, dry skin at a cellular level. It balances professional-grade ingredients with natural nutrients and antioxidants to help soothe and strengthen even the most dry, itchy skin. The gentle hydrating cleanser, hydration & repair treatment, and intense hydration & repair treatment help hydrate your cells for healthy skin. Participants in clinical trials saw an 88% reduction in dryness.




Slow down the aging process of your skin with Receutics Active Skin Repair Anti-Aging treatments. The fast acting anti-aging treatments contains clinically-proven ingredients with potent anti-oxidants to help reduce and prevent the signs of aging. Clinical trial participants (88%) saw improvement in just 7 days. The rapid wrinkle corrector and rapid dark spot & tone corrector will keep your skin healthy and youthful looking.


Sun Care


Improve the look of your skin while you’re protecting it with professional-grade sunscreen that should be part of your daily healthy skincare routine. Receutics Advanced Sunscreen shields your skin from the sun’s UVA/UVB rays using powerful antioxidants that protect and even skin tone.


Turn the skin you have into the skin you want with Receutics. Pick up Receutics at your local Rite Aid pharmacy today!

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