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    Stress Relief Tips From Your Rite Aid Pharmacist


    Today, we're going to get some helpful tips from Diana, who's a pharmacist here at Rite Aid. 


    Let's go!


    How does exercise connect to our stress levels? So exercise actually allows you to release your endorphins, which are your feel-good hormones. So if you can start an exercise routine, you want to start out slowly, but make sure you discuss it with your physician. 


    Why is sleep so important as it relates to stress? So they actually go hand in hand. If you're stressed, you're not going to sleep very well, and if you're not sleeping, it can cause more stress. So, sleep is vital to help combatting stress. 


    What are some relaxation techniques we can incorporate to reduce our stress? So there are various relaxation techniques to help combat stress. You can do meditation or yoga, and also, there's apps for that. If you've never meditated before, you can go right to right to Headspace, and I'll help you get you started on meditation. 


    How does nutrition connect to our stress levels? So nutrition's important, because there are things that you do want to avoid to combat stress. From alcohol to recreational drugs, or even stimulants like caffeine and nicotine, they can also influencer your stress level. 


    What kinds of products can be helpful to reduce our stress levels? There are various aromatherapy products that you can use, and certain oils that you can diffuse in your home, to create a calming environment within the house. For example, you can diffuse lavender, bergamot, passion flower, and lemon balm in your diffuser, and it really helps change the mood of your home. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that may help the body resist stressors and promote calming and also may decrease your anxiety as well. We carry various ashwagandha products here at Rite Aid, and we even have products that are combined with melatonin. So if you're having problems sleeping and you're stressed, come to Rite Aid, we have the perfect product for you. 


    A special thank you to Diana for sharing all that she did today, and just a reminder, connect with your local Rite Aid pharmacist -- they're there to help you every day. 


    Thanks so much for watching. Check out our Stress Solution Center for more information on managing stress.