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    Fall is a season that brings beautiful changes. Whether it be the leaves changing colors or bringing of cooler temperatures for all to enjoy after a hot summer.  It is also when the back-to-school season starts and some sports are back in action! 


    Fall can also be a big travel time. Whether you’re a fall foliage enthusiast or just want to take the kids for one last getaway before school season starts. You can find nearly everything you need for your suitcase needs at your local Rite Aid or through our curbside pickup!

    From toiletries to travel adapters, Rite Aid has you covered.


    Personal Care:

    • Travel-sized toiletries

    • Makeup pouch

    • Cosmetics

    • Makeup remover wipes

    • Shampoo

    • Conditioner

    • Hair Brush

    • Body wash

    • Face Wash

    • Moisturizer

    • Body Lotion

    • Shaving Cream

    • Hairspray

    • Mouthwash

    • Toothbrush & paste

    • Contact solution

    • Prescriptions


    Travel Accessories:


    • Hand sanitizing wipes

    • Travel pillow

    • Sleep mask

    • Hydration tablets

    • Travel adapter




    • Phone charger & phone accessories

    • Headphones

    • Tablet & tablet accessories


    And of course, lots of snacks


    It’s also a great idea to take a miniature medicine pouch with you, especially when traveling remotely or internationally where pharmacies may be scarce or there may be language barriers. Here are just some of our recommendations for packing:


    • Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen (such as Tylenol, Aspirin, etc.)

    • Benadryl

    • Hydrocortisone or other anti-itch cream

    • Tums

    • Alka Seltzer

    • Nasal Decongestant

    • Pepto Bismol chewable tablets

    • Motion sickness tablets & armband

    • Thermometer


    We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful vacation!