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Governance: we're dedicated to providing value to both our customers and our investors

Board of Directors

The members of our Board of Directors are dedicated to serving the interests of our shareholders and potential investors.


Meet the Board of Directors

Management Team

The Rite Aid Management Team works to maintain the quality of our pharmacies nationwide.

John T. Standley
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Ken Martindale
CEO of Rite Aid Stores and President of
Rite Aid Corporation

Darren Karst
Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer

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Corporate Governance Committees

See which members of the Rite Aid Board of Directors serve on the Audit, Compensation, Executive, and Nominating and Governance Committees.

Governance Committee Members

Corporate Governance Guidelines

Our corporate governance guidelines outline the structure and policies of our Board of Directors.


Our Governance Guidelines

Stock Ownership Guidelines

To align the interests of our business with those of our company executives, the Rite Aid Board of Directors must adhere to these formal stock ownership guidelines.

See the Board’s Guidelines

Insider Trading Policy

Rite Aid Corporation Inside Information Policy and Trading Restrictions.

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Related Person Transactions

The objective of this policy is to ensure that related person transactions are in the best interest of our company and our stakeholders.

Policy Details

Code of Ethics

At Rite Aid, we established our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct to reinforce and enhance our commitment to an ethical way of doing business.

Our Code of Ethics

NYSE Documents

Rite Aid's Annual CEO Certification and Rite Aid's Section 303A Written Affirmations of compliance with the New York Stock Exchange's Corporate Governance listing standards.

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Certificate of Incorporation

The Certificate of Incorporation of Rite Aid Corporation.

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By-Laws of Rite Aid Corporation.

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