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    Mythbusting: "Not experiencing side effects means the vaccine isn't working."


    Every person’s immune system is different. When receiving a COVID-19 vaccination, some immune systems will react with symptoms such as sore arms, fever, chills, and fatigue; other immune systems won’t show any reactions at all, and that's totally normal. 


    Regardless of how your body reacts to the vaccine, it's still effective and it will give you a higher level of protection against COVID-19.


    It’s ok if you don’t have a reaction, not everyone will. Studies show that only about 50% of those who receive a vaccine will experience side effects. It’s not entirely clear why side effects vary from person to person but it’s most likely related to your age, genetics, and many other factors. Your immune system is very complex and there are many factors that can influence how your body will specifically respond to a COVID-19 vaccine. 


    Whether you experience side effects or not, when you receive a vaccine, you are protecting yourself and your community from COVID-19.

    To schedule an appointment or learn more, visit our COVID-19 vaccine page.