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Recall 2018-109 Sandoz - Various Products - NYC - Consumer

Recall 2018-109 Sandoz - Various Products - NYC - Consumer

URGENT!!!            DRUG RECALL!!!            URGENT!!!

NDC                             Description                                      Lot #             Expiration Date

00781577669             AZITHROMY TAB 250MG UD           ALL               ALL
00781527764             DONEPEZ ODT TAB 10MG UD        ALL               ALL
00781527664             DONEPEZ ODT TAB 5MG UD          ALL               ALL
00781139113             HALOP TAB 0.5MG UD                     ALL               ALL
00781139713             HALOP TAB 10MG UD                     ALL                ALL
00781139213             HALOP TAB 1MG UD                       ALL                ALL
00781139313             HALOP TAB 2MG UD                       ALL                ALL
00781139613             HALOP TAB 5MG UD                       ALL                ALL
00781176413             IMIPRAM TB 25MG UD                    ALL                ALL
00781176613             IMIPRAM TB 50MG UD                    ALL                ALL

00781155613             ISOSOR OR TB 10MG UD               ALL                ALL
00781169513             ISOSOR OR TB 20MG UD               ALL                ALL
00781552737             NARATRIP TAB 2.5MG UD              ALL                ALL

00781168133             ONDANSET TAB 8MG UD               ALL                ALL
00781104613             PERPHEN TAB 2MG UD                 ALL                ALL
00781104713             PERPHEN TAB 4G UD                    ALL                ALL

00781104813             PERPHEN TAB 8G UD                    ALL                ALL

Sandoz is voluntarily recalling the above items/lots due to the products not being packaged in child-resistant packaging posing a risk of harm if the tablets are swallowed by children.  This action is not a result of any quality or safety concerns with the medications for their intended use.  This recall is to the Consumer level.

Patient Action:
The quality of the medications have not been compromised, so you should continue taking your medicine as directed by your physician.  However, due to the risk of harm to children, please immediately secure this medicine so that it is out of the sight and reach of children.

Please order a child resistant pouch in which to store your blister cards by calling Sandoz at 888-NOW-NOVA (888-669-6682) between 8 am - 8 pm ET Monday thru Friday, or 9 am - 6 pm ET Saturday and Sunday.  You may also visit for more information

This recall is being conducted with the knowledge of the CPSC and FDA.


Sandoz Pharmaceuticals: Sandoz Customer Service 800-525-8747