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    Prescription Services FAQs

    New Prescriptions    


    New, paper prescriptions must be presented directly to the store for processing.


    Please contact your local Rite Aid store, as state laws for picking up prescriptions may vary. You may need to present ID in some cases.


    The ability to fill a 90-day prescription is dependent upon how the prescription is written, insurance plan restrictions, and upon state laws. In some states, a patient may request a 90-day fill on medications that are considered "maintenance" medications. In others, the physician must be contacted for approval of the 90-day fill. Please contact your local Rite Aid pharmacist for assistance.


    To determine if your prescription is ready to be picked up, please contact your local Rite Aid pharmacy


    For future prescription notifications, you may utilize our free Rx Reminder Service. You can receive reminders by email, text or phone when your prescriptions are due for a refill or are ready to be picked up. You may create account in-store, online through My Pharmacy or by texting ENROLL to 748-379.


    Most prescriptions can be refilled a few days early. However, the exact time a prescription is refillable will vary based on numerous factors such as the type of medication, insurance plan restrictions, state law regulations, etc. Please contact your local Rite Aid pharmacy for assistance.


    Rite Aid pharmacies will hold a filled prescription for pick-up for up to twelve days, depending on the type of prescription. After that time, it will be returned to stock. Contact your local store directly for more information. If you have valid refills, you may request that most prescriptions be refilled any time, even if it has been returned to stock.


    Customers may order refills by utilizing one of the following services: First, you may simply walk in or call your local Rite Aid store to have refills processed. Secondly, you can order though our website by selecting "pharmacy" then "refills and transfers" or if you are a My Pharmacy member you can refill by logging into your account. Lastly, you can use Rite Aid's Mobile Pharmacy App, which may be downloaded at www.riteaid.com/mobile-pharmacy-app. Please use one of these options when ordering refills. (Please note: transfer laws vary from state to state, therefore some prescriptions may not be refillable in a different Rite Aid location. Please check with the local store for specific transfer laws.)

    Other Services


    For assistance with your on-line account, please contact our Customer Care department by calling 1-800-Riteaid or signing into the Customer Care chat.


    In order to obtain a copy of your prescription profile, you must contact your local Rite Aid store. The pharmacist can print your profile and mail it to your home address, or have it ready for you to pick up at your earliest convenience. The pharmacist is able to provide records dating back 10 years. If your store has closed, or is now a Walgreens pharmacy, please contact Customer Care at 1-800-Riteaid.


    Please contact your local Rite Aid store.  Individual store inventory is not available at this centralized location.


    Once a medication is listed on your medication profile, it cannot be removed.  You may contact your local Rite Aid pharmacist to cancel refills or mark the prescription as inactive.


    Some stores do offer delivery services.  Please visit our Rite aid store locator at the top of the page to search locations and their services.


    Most states prohibit the return of prescription medications once they have left the pharmacy.  However, specific state regulations may vary.  Please contact your local Rite Aid pharmacy for further assistance.     


    In order to remove a prescription from the automatic refill program, you will need to contact your local Rite Aid store. The staff can access your prescription profile information and update the program.

    Insurance, Cost & Payment


    The only option for prescription payment is in-store.


    To determine if Rite Aid is able to accept your insurance, please contact your insurance company directly for assistance, or check with your local Rite Aid Pharmacy.  The insurance company should be able to provide you with a list of participating pharmacies in your area, or your local Rite Aid pharmacist may be familiar with the plan.  (The phone number for the insurance company should be listed on the back of your insurance card.)


    Please contact your local Rite Aid store.  Prices for prescriptions vary based upon insurance coverage, brand vs. generic, and multiple other factors.

    Account Issues


    In order to protect your privacy, you must make any changes in your personal information or insurance information at your local Rite Aid store.


    You will need a prescription number to identify yourself and create a My Pharmacy account.  Please contact your local Rite Aid store to obtain a prescription number. For privacy purposes, we do not have access to your prescription data.


    Now that your local Rite Aid store is converting to Walgreens, your online Rite Aid account and mobile app can no longer be used.  You will need to either call or visit your local store to request a refill  or your records during the conversion process.  Once your store is fully converted to the Walgreens system, you will then be able to use the Walgreens online services.  Your local store will be able to assist you in determining when the conversion is complete and when the online services will be available again.


    At this time, Rite Aid does not offer family accounts. Only one person can be on a given My Pharmacy account.  You will need to create a separate account for each family member (aged 18 years and older) to manage refills on-line.  Each account must have unique identifiers (phone, email, etc.)  Accounts may not be created for children less than 18 years old.  We are currently exploring changing this process.  We apologize for the inconvenience at this time.