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Rite Aid supports moms,

from the first steps of pregnancy to baby’s first steps and beyond

Advice to help you with every step of of motherhood

Pregnancy and Oral Health

During pregnancy you may experience hormonal changes that may affect your oral health such as gingivitis and dental cavities. Maintaining good oral hygiene throughout your pregnancy can help you and your baby stay healthy.


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Healthy Skin

Pregnant women go through several physical changess, many of which can impact their skin. As hormones fluctuate and your belly continues to expand, skin health becomes increasingly important.


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Pregnancy Brings with it Many Changes

Taking extra care of your changing body is important for both you and your baby. With proper care and attention you can help manage these changes and even make getting back in shape more manageable after your pregnancy!



Preparing for Baby

Stocking your medicine cabinet for the arrival of your new baby will help prepare you for whatever you may be faced with- for stuffy noses to first fevers. Be sure to ask a doctor or Rite Aid Pharmacist for dosing information for your child under 2 years of age.

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Just for Mom:


How to Know if it’s Time to Call your Child’s Doctor


Babies under three months of age with a fever need to be checked for serious infections and diseases. Keep in mind that you know your child best. Always follow your instinct and call the doctor if you feel something is wrong.


To learn more, visit www.Tylenol.com/children-infants/fever/treating


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