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    Beware of scams that use the Rite Aid name.


    There are criminals who send unsolicited emails and make phone calls fraudulently pretending to be reputable companies  such as Rite Aid.  Scams may mention prizes, such as cash, associated with Rite Aid or Rite Aid programs such as the Rite Aid Rewards loyalty program.


    The message may claim that you or someone you know has won money as part of a Lottery program. There is no Rite Aid Lottery, and any message of this kind is designed to engage you in a communication with cybercriminals who are intent on victimizing you to gain money.


    You might be asked to pay a sum of money in advance in order to receive the fictitious prize.  The request for this upfront payment may be tied to claims that it will cover costs such as tax fees, courier services, United Nations clearance checks, and attorney fees, among others. Do not send any money.  Not only will you not get it back, but the scammer may contact you in the future and try to extort you for more money before you can collect your prize.


    These scammers are professionals and can be very clever and manipulative.  The claims can sometimes appear believable on the surface because they mention well-known companies to build your trust.


    Rite Aid will occasionally run sweepstakes and promotions, but never under any circumstances will we require winners to submit payment of any kind in order to receive their prize or reward. Any legitimate sweepstakes or promotion that Rite Aid sponsors will be listed on our website https://www.riteaid.com or in our stores.


    If you are contacted by anyone by phone or email claiming that you have won a prize from Rite Aid, please visit this Sweepstakes webpage on our site to confirm those claims.