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    34 Rite Aid Stores in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    10 Snyder Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19148 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 465-3270(215) 465-3270
    1105-09 N 63rd Street Philadelphia, PA 19151 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 879-1663(215) 879-1663
    12311 Academy Road Philadelphia, PA 19154 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 637-4690(215) 637-4690
    1334 Windrim Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19141 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 455-6162(215) 455-6162
    1443 South 7th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 463-7748(215) 463-7748
    164 West Chelten Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19144 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 438-5167(215) 438-5167
    1924 Fairmount Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19130 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 765-5078(215) 765-5078
    2017-2023 South Broad St Philadelphia, PA 19148 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 467-0850(215) 467-0850
    2201 West Allegheny Ave Philadelphia, PA 19132 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 223-8979(215) 223-8979
    2503-05 Welsh Road Philadelphia, PA 19114 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 671-0544(215) 671-0544
    260 West Lehigh Avenue Ste 80 Philadelphia, PA 19133 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 425-3784(215) 425-3784
    3601 Midvale Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19129 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 842-2950(215) 842-2950
    3900 Castor Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19124 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 289-4566(215) 289-4566
    4000 Woodhaven Road Philadelphia, PA 19154 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 637-7840(215) 637-7840
    4390 Richmond Street Philadelphia, PA 19137 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 533-6564(215) 533-6564
    4530 North 5th Street Philadelphia, PA 19140 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 455-7330(215) 455-7330
    5040 City Line Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 877-2116(215) 877-2116
    5214-30 Baltimore Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19143 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 476-1724(215) 476-1724
    5400 Rising Sun Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19120 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 329-0312(215) 329-0312
    5627-99 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19139 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 474-1163(215) 474-1163
    5911-5933 Ridge Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19128 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 482-1992(215) 482-1992
    6363 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19135 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 335-4882(215) 335-4882
    6401 Oxford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19111 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 745-2557(215) 745-2557
    6515 Castor Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19149 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 535-2800(215) 535-2800
    704-20 East Passyunk Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19147 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 627-3151(215) 627-3151
    7401 Ogontz Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19138 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 224-9997(215) 224-9997
    7418-32 Oxford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19111 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 725-6660(215) 725-6660
    7615 Lindbergh Boulevard Philadelphia, PA 19153 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 492-0492(215) 492-0492
    7700 Crittenden Street Philadelphia, PA 19118 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 242-8022(215) 242-8022
    7972 Castor Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19152 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 728-4981(215) 728-4981
    801 South 9th Street Philadelphia, PA 19147 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 925-4481(215) 925-4481
    9200 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19114 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 708-1591(215) 708-1591
    9280 Krewstown Road Philadelphia, PA 19115 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 676-1453(215) 676-1453
    9910 Frankford Avenue Suite 250 Philadelphia, PA 19114 US
    Local Phone:
    (215) 824-2700(215) 824-2700

    Rite Aid Pharmacies in Philadelphia, PA

    Rite Aid has been an integral part of the Philadelphia community for years, serving as a trusted destination for health and wellness. Our mission as a pharmacy is to provide accessible and reliable healthcare services, ensuring the well-being of our customers. With a deep commitment to the community, we have built a strong relationship with the citizens of Philadelphia, making Rite Aid a go-to choice for residents.


    Visit Rite Aid and experience the confidence of choosing a pharmacy that truly cares about your health and the city’s vitality.

    Philadelphia Rite Aid Pharmacy Services

    Rite Aid Pharmacy in Philadelphia, PA, is committed to quality and personalized care. We offer a wide range of pharmaceutical services, including prescription filling, immunizations and medication counseling. Experience excellence in pharmacy services at our convenient Philadelphia locations.


    One-on-one consultations: Our one-on-one consultations provide personalized prescription advice and medication guidance. Our pharmacists are ready to discuss your medications, answer questions and ensure you take prescriptions safely, minimizing side effects and interactions. Visit your nearest Philadelphia Rite Aid to speak with a pharmacist today.


    Accessible support: At Rite Aid in Philadelphia, accessibility is our priority. We provide visual support for blind and low-vision customers and offer translation services for non-English speakers. Wellness+ rewards members have 24/7 online access to chat with a healthcare professional.


    Prescription management: Prescription management is made easy with Rite Aid’s My Pharmacy app. We offer convenient options to help you stay organized and on track. From auto-refills and medication reminders to online prescription transfers, our goal is to simplify the process and ensure you never miss a dose.


    Immunization and testing: Our Philadelphia Rite Aid branches prioritize your health by offering immunizations and testing services. Visit our Vaccine Central for a free immunization evaluation and book vaccination appointments for your family. Our certified immunizers administer vaccines in a private setting. Additionally, our pharmacists provide fast testing and treatment for strep, flu and COVID-19, ensuring prompt care.

    Shop Everyday Health and Beauty Essentials

    Rite Aid’s mission at its locations in Philadelphia, PA, is to improve the quality of life of the city’s residents. We provide health and beauty products, services and advice to meet your unique needs as a customer.


    From vitamins and supplements to skincare and cosmetics, we have everything you need to look and feel your best. Explore our selection of trusted brands, including Revlon, L'Oréal, Neutrogena and Dove and find products that enhance your well-being and beauty routine.

    Find Groceries and Snacks

    At Rite Aid, you can conveniently find a variety of groceries and snacks to satisfy your cravings. From pantry staples like cereals, pasta and canned goods to snacks like chips, cookies and candy, we offer a wide selection of food items. Whether you need a quick snack on the go or ingredients for a home-cooked meal, Rite Aid has numerous delicious options to keep your kitchen stocked.

    Where to Find Rite Aid Stores in Philadelphia

    From the bustling streets of Center City to the quiet residential neighborhoods of Chestnut Hill, Rite Aid’s strategic locations across the city, offering accessibility and convenience, make it more than just a place to fill prescriptions.


    In North Philadelphia, a Rite Aid location stands proudly near Temple University, serving a diverse community of students, faculty and families by providing pharmaceutical needs.


    In South Philadelphia, the Rite Aid near the Italian Market is known for its well-stocked shelves and participation in the annual Italian Market Festival. Here, it takes on a role beyond providing pharmacy services, engaging with community members and becoming part of the neighborhood’s unique cultural tapestry.


    In West Philadelphia, near the famed Philadelphia Zoo, the Rite Aid location often collaborates with local schools for health and wellness workshops. It also partners with local food banks, supporting the fight against hunger and contributing to Philadelphia’s broader social and community objectives.


    Rite Aid stores in Philadelphia also work with local healthcare providers, offering community-specific services such as free flu shots during the colder months, COVID-19 testing and vaccinations and other localized health initiatives. This healthcare-focused community engagement makes it a valuable partner in Philadelphia’s fight against public health crises.

    Rite Aid: Connecting With Philadelphia’s Community

    At its core, Rite Aid in Philadelphia is not just a pharmacy—it is a hub of community engagement and support, a sponsor for local events and initiatives and a crucial component of the city’s public health system. Its presence throughout the city, strategic location selection and active involvement in community affairs serve as a testament to its commitment to the Philadelphia community.


    Rite Aid also partners with local organizations to support communities through engaging experiences. For example, Rite Aid and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are partnering to improve the health of children in Philadelphia. The partnership will give out 36,000 pounds of food, attract more families to Food Pharmacy locations and increase the number of educational garden spaces.


    This will help more families become food secure and improve the children’s health in Philadelphia. Rite Aid will work with CHOP to identify and repair homes with triggers for childhood asthma, such as mold and dust mites.


    Through its local-centric approach, Rite Aid exemplifies how businesses can connect with their communities, embedding themselves within the city’s fabric and contributing to its unique identity. Philadelphia’s Rite Aid locations are not just about serving local needs—they’re about being local and for the community of Philadelphia, that makes all the difference.

    Philadelphia Rite Aid Pharmacy FAQs:


    What kind of healthy food and drink options does Rite Aid provide?

    Rite Aid carries a range of healthy food and drink options. These include natural and organic snacks, gluten-free foods, vitamins and supplements, and a selection of healthy beverages.


    Does Rite Aid in Cleveland carry home healthcare products?

    Yes, many Rite Aid locations carry a variety of home healthcare products. This can include items such as first aid supplies, support braces, mobility aids, and more.


    What are the hours of operation for Philadelphia stores?

    The hours of operation for Philadelphia Rite Aid stores may vary depending on the specific location. Check the store locator on the official Rite Aid website or contact your nearest Philadelphia Rite Aid store for accurate and up-to-date information regarding their hours of operation.