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    29 Rite Aid Stores in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    1000 Airport Blvd Pittsburgh, PA 15231 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 472-5040(412) 472-5040
    1121 Bower Hill Road Pittsburgh, PA 15243 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 923-1550(412) 923-1550
    1125 Freeport Road Pittsburgh, PA 15238 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 782-2277(412) 782-2277
    1130 Perry Highway Ste 35 Pittsburgh, PA 15237 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 369-4267(412) 369-4267
    1222 Brownsville Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15210 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 884-3356(412) 884-3356
    1700 Murray Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15217 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 521-3900(412) 521-3900
    1800-1814 Morningside Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15206 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 362-6121(412) 362-6121
    1804 Golden Mile Highway Pittsburgh, PA 15239 US
    Local Phone:
    (724) 327-4850(724) 327-4850
    201 Grace Street Pittsburgh, PA 15211 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 381-1464(412) 381-1464
    2150 Brownsville Rd Ste 120 Pittsburgh, PA 15210 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 881-6439(412) 881-6439
    2270 Noblestown Road Pittsburgh, PA 15205 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 920-6190(412) 920-6190
    2336 Ardmore Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA 15221 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 273-3487(412) 273-3487
    2501 Banksville Road Pittsburgh, PA 15216 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 571-2550(412) 571-2550
    2655 E Carson Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 431-6773(412) 431-6773
    3210 Banksville Road Pittsburgh, PA 15216 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 388-1601(412) 388-1601
    3434 William Penn Highway Pittsburgh, PA 15235 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 824-8860(412) 824-8860
    3700 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15213 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 681-1332(412) 681-1332
    3730 Brighton Road Pittsburgh, PA 15212 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 761-3363(412) 761-3363
    3939 Butler Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 682-6970(412) 682-6970
    410 Cooke Lane Pittsburgh, PA 15234 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 563-1505(412) 563-1505
    4411 Howley Street Pittsburgh, PA 15224 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 621-9987(412) 621-9987
    4770 McKnight Road Ste A Pittsburgh, PA 15237 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 364-8100(412) 364-8100
    513 Perry Highway Pittsburgh, PA 15229 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 931-7751(412) 931-7751
    5504 Walnut Street Pittsburgh, PA 15232 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 681-5144(412) 681-5144
    5633 Baum Boulevard Pittsburgh, PA 15206 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 441-6991(412) 441-6991
    568 Caste Village Pittsburgh, PA 15236 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 881-5650(412) 881-5650
    802 Pennsylvania Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15233 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 231-0868(412) 231-0868
    880 Butler Street Pittsburgh, PA 15223 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 782-2466(412) 782-2466
    900 Mount Royal Blvd Pittsburgh, PA 15223 US
    Local Phone:
    (412) 487-5706(412) 487-5706

    Rite Aid Pharmacies in Pittsburgh, PA

    Rite Aid Pharmacies are a trusted staple in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, serving as the go-to source for residents’ healthcare needs. The local branches take a holistic approach to community health, making them a fundamental part of the Pittsburgh landscape.


    Pittsburg Rite Aid branches offer a wide range of pharmacy services, including prescription refills, over-the-counter medications, health and beauty products and everyday essentials. We also provide various wellness services, such as flu shots, immunizations and health screenings, to help improve the community’s health and meet their unique needs.


    Connection with the Community

    Rite Aid pharmacies in Pittsburgh are not just dispensaries. They serve as a vital link in the community, fostering a close connection with locals by involving themselves in numerous community activities. It’s common for branches to highlight local events and landmarks, whether supporting Pittsburgh Steelers players or discussing the latest exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.


    Nurturing the Pittsburgh Culture

    Pittsburgh has a rich and diverse culture and Rite Aid pharmacies are conscious of their role in nurturing this. The branches often celebrate city-specific holidays and events like the annual Three Rivers Arts Festival or the Pittsburgh International Jazz Festival. They also recognize iconic Pittsburgh figures, commemorating local heroes such as Mister Rogers and prominent sports figures on special occasions.


    Healthcare Services Tailored to Local Needs

    Rite Aid pharmacies in Pittsburgh are diligent about recognizing the unique health needs of the local population. For instance, considering Pittsburgh’s long, cold winters, Rite Aid ensures an ample stock of essential cold and flu remedies. We work with local health departments for seasonal flu vaccination drives to safeguard the community’s health and consistently understand and exceed customer expectations.


    Pittsburgh Pharmacy Services

    Our dedicated pharmacists can help you find the right medications for your needs. We also offer a variety of convenient services, such as online refill requests and prescription delivery.


    Prescription refills & medications: We offer a convenient way to refill your prescriptions online or by phone. Download and register for the Rite Aid My Pharmacy app to access easy refills, medication reminders and convenient notifications to let you know when your prescription is ready to be picked up or needs refilled.


    We also have a wide selection of over-the-counter medications to help you stay healthy. From cold and flu remedies to first aid kits to OTC pain-relievers, we have the products, services and advice to meet your needs.


    Shop health items & everyday essentials: Rite Aid Pittsburgh is more than just a pharmacy. Rite Aid’s mission is to ensure members of Pittsburgh’s community have access to everyday health and wellness essentials. At Rite Aid, we carry a wide variety of health and beauty products and everyday necessities like groceries, snacks and drinks.


    Curbside pick-up: With Rite Aid curbside pick-up, you can get your prescriptions, groceries and other essentials without stepping into the store. Order online or through the Rite Aid app and we’ll bring your items to your car. It’s a convenient and contactless way to shop.


    Wellness services: We offer various wellness services, including immunizations and health screenings. Our pharmacists are specially trained certified immunizers who can administer vaccines privately and professionally.


    Most vaccines come at no cost with insurance or through government plans like Medicare Part D. We offer vaccines for numerous common diseases, including flu, pneumonia, hepatitis and chickenpox. We also provide rapid diagnostic testing for flu, strep throat and COVID-19.


    Serving Local Neighborhoods

    Rite Aid pharmacies’ deep connection with Pittsburgh extends to their specific neighborhoods. From Squirrel Hill to Shadyside, each pharmacy is carefully positioned to meet the community’s needs.


    Rite Aid also runs grassroots community programs through Rite Aid Healthy Futures. Thanks to generous donations, the Healthy Futures program can support local non-profit organizations in Pittsburgh like Angel’s Place, The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh and the Homeless Children’s Education Fund. This can help these organizations tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing the community and create healthier neighborhoods.


    Rite Aid Pharmacy Pittsburgh, PA FAQs:


    How do I find a Rite Aid pharmacy near me?

    You can use our store locator to find a Rite Aid pharmacy near you. We have numerous branches around the city, from the store on Pennsylvania Avenue just down from the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh to the location on Forbes Ave in the heart of the city across from Point State Park.


    Does Rite Aid deliver?

    If you don’t have time to visit a Rite Aid pharmacy in person, you can use our same day delivery service. Rite Aid partners with national delivery apps to make same-day delivery convenient for customers in Pittsburgh. With Instacart, DoorDash, Shipt, Postmates, Uber Eats and Grubhub, you can get your prescriptions, groceries and other items delivered right to your door.


    For example, if you're in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, you can use Instacart to get your prescription delivered from the Rite Aid on Murray Avenue in just a few hours. Or, if you’re in the South Side, you can use DoorDash to get your groceries delivered from the Rite Aid on Carson Street in under an hour.


    No matter where you are in Pittsburgh, you can count on Rite Aid to deliver the items you need, when you need them.


    What are Rite Aid's payment options?

    Rite Aid accepts most major credit cards, debit cards and cash.