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    Automated Courtesy Refill Program

    Program Summary

    Effective July 1, 2022


    The Automated Courtesy Refill Program (“ACR Program” or “Program”) is a free Rite Aid service that refills certain eligible prescriptions automatically so that they are ready when you need them. This service can help you maintain your health and can save you time and energy – no need to call or set-up a refill reminder, Rite Aid does it all for you!
    Why should I enroll in the ACR Program?
    The goal of this Program is to aid your adherence to your medication treatment plan by offering a convenient way to have your qualifying medication(s) refilled a few days before you run out of it. If you’re signed up for notifications we’ll even let you know when your medication(s) is ready for pick-up. By opting-in to this ACR Program, you could shorten your to-do list and make strides to better health. 
    How can I enroll in the ACR Program?*
    During your prescription pick-up process, a Rite Aid pharmacist can help you enroll your eligible medication(s) into the Program.
    What if I have already been enrolled in a Rite Aid ACR Program before July 1, 2022?
    Then you are already enrolled in the ACR Program and are one step ahead! To continue enrolling new medication(s) after this date, simply talk to your Rite Aid pharmacist, during your prescription pick-up, so that your new medication(s) can be enrolled into this free Program.
    How would I know if my filled prescriptions are refilled through the ACR Program?
    When you pick-up a medication enrolled in the Program, Rite Aid will confirm the refill on the paperwork attached to your medication. You can also ask your pharmacist during this exchange.
    How can I opt-out or disenroll from the ACR Program?
    To disenroll one, some, or all of your prescription(s) from the ACR Program, please ask your Rite Aid pharmacist.
    What if I don’t want my prescription filled through the ACR Program?
    Please visit your Rite Aid pharmacist to ensure the Rite Aid pharmacy team is aware of your preference and they can work with you on next steps to perfect your future prescription services.
    What if I have questions regarding the ACR Program?
    If you have questions, your local Rite Aid pharmacist has answers! Feel free to visit your pharmacist to discuss this Program and how it may benefit you today.
    What if I am not the patient of the prescription being enrolled in the ACR Program?
    An agent of the patient may opt-in or opt-out prescription(s) within the Program by simply following any of the steps noted above.



    Prescriptions are ineligible for the Automated Courtesy Refill Program (“Program”) if 1) purchased through mail-order; 2) fail to meet permissible refill parameters; 3) are government funded prescriptions where prohibited by state law; or 4) are a controlled or regulated medication. Additional limitations may apply. California residents should review this Summary before enrolling into the Program.


    * In certain circumstances and where allowed, patients with certain criteria and medications will be auto enrolled in the Program as part of a medication adherence initiative.



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