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Rite Aid Immunization Evaluation

Make sure you are up to date with your immunizations. Take this quick quiz to find out which immunizations you may need. Just fill out the questions and click on the "Get My Results" link on the bottom of the questionnaire.

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Immunization History

IMPORTANT: To give you the best recommendation please only include immunizations that you are certain you have received.
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Year is required. If not changed, date and month will default to January 1st.


Your Immunization History
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That's it! Just click "Get My Results" to find out which vaccines you may need.

*If you are a Rite Aid pharmacy customer and have gotten immunizations at Rite Aid but do not have a MyPharmacy account, you can enroll here. Once enrolled you can start another immunization evaluation only this time you will be able to automatically load all immunization history stored at Rite Aid.

**Any additions made on this page will be temporary and not stored in your history. If you want to make this part of your permanent MyPharmacy history first click here. Please note if you go to MyPharmacy to make your permanent additions you will have to restart another evaluation to include the changes.

Please note: All answers are completely confidential, will not be stored and are not associated with your name when results are printed. The recommendations you will receive are not a substitute for medical consultation or medical advice. All recommendations should be reviewed with a certified immunizing pharmacist or a health provider before any immunizations are given.