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    Know Before You Buy Incontinence Products

    Whether bladder leaks are a new issue for you or a loved one, or something you’ve been dealing with for a while, here are three things you should keep in mind when comparing products.


    1. Quality Matters


    It’s important to choose high quality products not just to avoid leaks, but also to help keep skin dry and healthy. Make sure the brand you choose is designed to absorb fluid as quickly as possible and retain it well to minimize exposure to the skin. For instance, Rite Aid brand has Dri-Lock™ to lock up moisture and SureDry® to keep it away from the skin (learn more).


    For those who have an active lifestyle, the product should also be able to bend and twist to some degree without releasing liquid. Rite Aid brand pantiliners, pads and male guards have been designed to help keep wetness locked away even during physical activity or exercise.


    2. Comfort is Key


    Incontinence products should always be comfortable. Look for features like breathable side panels, stretchable waistbands and fabric-like materials that won’t irritate the skin. Also be sure to buy the correct size. If you’re between sizes, try the smaller one first. A loose fit can cause leaks, chafing and other skin issues.


    3. Factor in Price


    Incontinence products are often used multiple times a day on an ongoing basis. This can add up from a cost perspective. Of course, you don’t want to sacrifice quality for price, but you don’t have to with Rite Aid Brand products. They’re designed to be as good as or even better than other brands, while still being affordable.


    Not sure which product to choose? Use our Incontinence product selector to find the right solution for your needs and lifestyle.