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    Sharing the News About Your Child’s Diabetes



    The grown-ups who supervise your child during exercise need to know about diabetes. It’s up to you and your child whether to tell the other children, however.


    On one hand, if your child’s friends know about diabetes, they can watch for signs of low blood sugar and get help if needed. On the other hand, if your child doesn’t want to tell friends, it’s important to respect that feeling. Over time, you can help your child grow more comfortable with this condition.


    When your child chooses to share, help prepare him or her for a range of responses. Together, you can practice ways to handle these common reactions:


    Reaction: Worrying about catching diabetes
    Your child can say: Diabetes isn’t spread from person to person. You can’t catch it from someone else. That’s true even during contact sports.


    Reaction: Thinking people with diabetes can’t be athletic
    Your child can say: There are athletes with diabetes at every level of sports, from beginners to professionals. Diabetes doesn’t stand in their way.


    Reaction: Thinking your child needs to sit quietly all the time
    Your child can say: Children with diabetes who control their condition can do anything other kids do. They like to ride bikes, do cartwheels, dance, and participate in other activities. Having diabetes doesn’t rule out having fun.


    Ask a Rite Aid Pharmacist for other information to share about diabetes.





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