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    Mythbusting: “All my friends are vaccinated and I’m low risk. I don’t need to get the COVID-19 vaccine.”


    It’s important that everyone gets vaccinated. 


    Even if you are considered low risk, you still run the chance of suffering from a severe case of COVID-19—one that could require a hospital stay. In addition to your personal health, when you’re vaccinated you reduce the risk of those around you as well. 


    Low risk does not equal no risk


    While being low risk for a severe case of COVID-19 and being around others who are fully vaccinated might feel safe, there are still risks. In the U.S., new cases of COVID-19 are dropping and vaccination rates continue to rise, but as COVID-19 continues to spread globally, new variants have developed. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 has shown it’s the best way to reduce infection, protect against variants and lower your chance of having a severe case or hospitalization from COVID-19. 


    Low risk self and high risk others


    Most of the people you come in contact with may have already gotten vaccinated. But not everyone you interact with will have low or less risk than you. Being unvaccinated means the possibility of unknowingly contracting and spreading COVID-19 to others who may be more susceptible. Getting vaccinated means protecting yourself and reducing your chances of spreading COVID-19 to others, especially those who are high risk. This one action is the most impactful way we can support each other and help bring the pandemic to an end.


    Lower your risk, relax more


    The COVID-19 vaccines are working and as our communities continue to open back up, fully-vaccinated people are getting to enjoy more and more pre-pandemic activities. The sense of relief that comes with getting back to the people, places, and things we love while having vaccination-level protection is wonderful. Not to mention the new freedom of not having to wear a mask in most circumstances.


    So don’t wait any longer. Lower your risk, help protect your community and enjoy the summer ahead—get vaccinated. 

    To schedule an appointment or learn more, visit our COVID-19 vaccine page.