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    Mythbusting: "You have to wait to get other immunizations."

    man holding arm in pain

    The CDC has recently updated its guidelines when it comes to getting other immunizations while you’re getting your COVID-19 vaccine. Instead of needing to wait 14 days before or after your shot(s) it’s now ok to receive other immunizations at the same time. 


    This means that while you get your COVID-19 vaccine,  you can easily get caught up on important routine immunizations that you and your family may have fallen behind on during the pandemic. In general, these are some of the recommended vaccines for these age groups: 


    • Under 18: visit our immunization evaluation to see which immunizations might make sense for your family

    • 18-49: Tdap booster - recommended every 10 years or if you’re going to be around an infant

    • 50-64: Shingles vaccination - 2 doses required

    • 65+: Pneumonia vaccination


    Our pharmacists are always here to help answer your questions; they can help you determine which immunizations (if any) are right for you. Or if you’re curious now, visit our immunization evaluation.


    Immunizations are an important part of helping keep you and your community safe. Thank you for doing your part.


    To schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment or to learn more, visit our COVID-19 vaccine page.